Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Border Inspiration Part 1

It's time to chat about borders for our Chatelaine Sampler Quilts.
Borders can be as simple or as intricate as you want, as wide or as narrow as you prefer and either pieced or appliqued depending on what you think is right for your quilt. No matter what style you choose, how many you add or how wide you make them, adding borders requires a little inspiration and a lot of the dreaded Maths (my least favorite subject BTW).
I was a little unsure how to present the border options to you, as there are endless possibilities for each of the layouts, and they both finish at different sizes.  Instead I decided to give you some Border Inspiration.  I'm going to share lots of ideas in two blog posts and hopefully they will provide you with some possible options. In Part 2, I will give you the pattern for the borders I chose for my Chatelaine quilt..
In each of the following examples, I have "floated" the quilt centre by firstly adding a narrow white border.
So, lets have a look at some possibilities:
Plain butted borders are a great way to showcase some of your larger floral fabrics. They provide the perfect frame and give a lovely finish to any quilt. Consider using solids as borders as well, they make the perfect background for some lovely applique.
By including corner blocks, you can add some lovely pieced feature blocks; perhaps choosing your favorite block or element from the quilt centre or choosing something from the Bonus Block file.
Long narrow stripes, also make a great frame. You could keep the corner blocks plain or make them a pieced block, to add something special. Smaller vertical stripes create a wonderful piano key border and this is a great way to use up some of your scraps and tie in the fabrics you used in your sampler blocks.
Narrow stripes, running all around the quilt, provide a lovely frame. Consider making the stripes different widths and spacing them with your white background fabric for a more open effect.
I personally love a checkerboard border. The palette can be uniform or scrappy and strip piecing makes them quick and easy. They look lovely as shown in the diagrams, but also consider mixing them with some stripes for a different effect, like these options:
So there's a few ideas for you to consider. Keep in mind, your border should compliment your quilt, not overpower or crowd your quilt centre.
There are some wonderful tutorials to help with measuring and attaching quilt borders, so if you are looking for some assistance, check out the following links:

I've also started a Pinterest board for you and I'll keep adding inspiring borders, as I find them, so make sure you follow me HERE to see what other ideas I pin:
Next week, I'll share part 2 of my Border Inspiration and I'll also give you the free pattern for the option I used for my Chatelaine quilt. Plus, I'll show you my quilt :)
Until then, happy sewing :)

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