Five Things I'm Loving Right Now :)

I'm super busy in the studio at the moment, sewing projects that I can't show you just yet, so I thought I'd do a fun little post on five other things I'm loving and making time for, right now (in between long hours at the machine).
Who doesn't love Spring? Its the season of new beginnings after a long cold winter  We've been busy planting new garden beds and preparing the vegetable and herb gardens. The apple trees are blossoming, the perennials have doubled in size and beginning to flower and everything is looking bright and pretty.
I'm starting to take my projects outside to bind or setting up the laptop in the patio to write patterns, as I absorb all the beauty this season has to offer.
Maddi and I LOVED the "House Of Cards" TV series which then led us to "The West Wing". I did watch some of this when it first aired, in the 90's but I'm really loving it this time around. Both shows have given us a better, if not dramatised, understanding of the current US Election and how the whole process works. 
I love these old shows and Maddi has worked part time at Sanity (DVD and Music chain) for the last two years, so she has accured an endless supply for us to watch; it's one of those job that is beneficial for both of us :)
Mum is culling her sewing room and she gave me these old crochet pattern books. I remember looking through these as a child and picking things for mum to make. I can't wait to get started on my own projects from these books, particularly the lace doilies, I'm just waiting on a new hook to arrive in the mail.
Mum was taught to crochet by a German lady who lived next door to my grandmother. If mum had trouble with a pattern she would have to wait until her weekly lesson, for some help. It is so different for me, I can watch a quick You Tube video or Google a tutorial and I have instant answers. Thank goodness for the internet and all those generous people who share their knowledge :)
Reading is huge in our house. It would be rare to find any of us without a book in our hands at some point during the day/night. I love big book series (Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Outlander etc) and this fantasy series ticks all the boxes.  There are fourteen books in this amazing series and I'm slowly making my way through them all, getting totally lost in the pages and staying up way past my bedtime.
One thing Les and I have consistently made time for this year is Date Night. Doing such a "grown up thing" was a little difficult at first but our kids have their own lives and social engagements and we found ourselves just sitting at home waiting for them to return.
Its become an enjoyable habit now and Saturday night is usually dinner and a movie or dinner and Netflix. Its great to take off our "parent caps" for a few hours and just be a couple. Plans are made, problems and dreams are shared and the best part is, I don't have to cook and the food doesnt come on trays and no one asks if we want to "upsize".....bonus :)
So that's my fun little post on what I'm loving right now. I'll be back soon with my next monthly mini but for now, its back to the machine for me :)
Happy living and loving :)


  1. our "date night" looks so yummy! I love your 5 things too, lol.

  2. I used to live in Launceston many years ago and spring was always a feast for the soul, now I live in Toowoomba and although we have gorgeous parks and gardens, spring only lasts a very very short few weeks. I miss the 4 seasons of Tassie. Your five things are wonderful, thanks for sharing. Guida


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