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Thanks for all the love for my Charlotte's Dream squares from the previous post. Its going to make a beautiful blanket and I've just finished my third square while binge watching "The Crown" on Netflix (awesome series: I cant wait for Season 2)
I had a few emails and questions regarding this project, so I thought I would address them here and the answers may help others. A little note to Guida: you are a no reply commentor, so I can not reply directly to your questions but you can always email me and I'm happy to let you pick my brain :)
Please remember, this is not my pattern and I can only comment on what I am doing and using for my blanket, and I'm no expert :).
I am using the Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarn and it is 8ply and it is sold in 200g balls. It is finer than the average 8ply acrylic and nicer to work with. I've used it lots and my squares always finish a little smaller than patterns suggest but as long as they are a consistent size, they all fit together. I'm also using a 3.75mm hook this time which gives it a tighter finish.
I over estimate quantities when buying yarn for a project, I'd rather have leftovers than be hunting down dye lots so I did buy more yarn than the pattern specified and I kept a little record of what I used in this last square, to help and to be sure I had estimated enough yarn.
For one square I used 85g of the main colour yarn, so I know I have enough to yield two squares from one 200g ball.
I used 40g of the white yarn for each square and just over 34g of the light grey (but remember you need extra for borders).
My squares finish at 20", so my blanket should finish at a little over 80" square, including borders.
There are yarn packs available, using the same wool and colours as Deidri, if that's what you prefer and you can find all the information on her blog HERE.
I hope all this information helps and I'm sorry its taken me so long to reply to everyone; its been one of those weeks. It is a beautiful pattern and a lot easier than it looks, so give it a try, I've enjoyed working each and every stitch :)
Happy hooking :)

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  1. Hi Rose, my apologies I didn't realize I was a non-response, I think I fixed it. Anyway thank you so much for all the extra info, I really love the idea of cotton, especially here in Queensland where the temperatures can be quite high. Take care and I love the yellow block. Guida.


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