Revisiting My Tea Bag Wallet (Free Pattern)

Mum and I were discussing our favorite herbal teas the other day and I realised I had not made her a Tea Bag Wallet for her handbag. I've made a few of these for gifts and friends but was remiss in making one for mum (bad daughter me). So I decided to rectify my oversight and make her two; one for her and one she can gift to a friend :)
The Tea Bag Wallet pattern is one of my free patterns here on the blog. You can find the original post HERE which has the pattern/diagrams/instructions and some step by step photos to help you along the way. Its a fun project to sew and a great way to use up some pretty fabrics.
I am a huge coffee addict and in an effort to reduce the amount I drink during the day, I substitute herbal teas. Having a good selection of teas in my handbag, stops me for ordering coffee when I'm out and I have no excuse when I'm visiting people because my tea bags are right there with me. (on a good day, it has helped me cut down the coffee intake)
Mum loves Bonnie and Camille fabrics as much as I do, so my fabric choice was a simple one. I think you would agree that everything looks gorgeous in B&C fabrics but how adorable are those teeny tiny star tooth stars? They are just gorgeous!
The stars are the trickiest part of this project, because they are so tiny (2" finished) but just take your time and they will go together quite well.
This is a fun project to sew and I love making things that are useful. The wallet comfortably holds eight tea bags, more depending on the size of the tea bags of course and its perfect to throw in your handbag, your craft bag or in the glove box. You will always have your favorites on hand and if your like me, you have no excuse to simply order coffee when your herbal teas are with you all the time.
Mum's going to be thrilled she now has her own Tea Bag Wallet, so I'm off to give these to her. I hope she has the kettle on :)
Happy sewing :)


  1. So pretty, makes me want a cup of tea just so I could carry one of these.

  2. So pretty, makes me want a cup of tea just so I could carry one of these.


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