Trip To Charleston

Every now and then, something unexpected takes you on a journey you may never take in real life. It opens you up to the beauty and the feel of a place without actually visiting. Its a glimpse into something wonderful and special and that's exactly how I felt when I saw Amy Sinibaldi's two new fabric collections, Charleston and Les Petits.
Both of these fabric lines are gorgeous and I had to grab a little to enhance my stash.
The Charleston fabrics are inspired by the beauty of Charleston, from the cobblestone streets and the gorgeous architecture to the promenade overlooking Charleston Harbour. Its such a beautiful fabric line and it takes you on a wonderful trip to this gorgeous city in South Carolina.
I would love to visit the Southern States (one day maybe) and I've always been interested in their lifestyles and the elegance of their surroundings. I'd be happily lost in all the grandeur, the history and the beauty of any of these states.
The whole fabric range is lovely and these were just some of my favorites. I have no firm plans on how I will use them but they have definitely got the creative juices flowing.
I adore the sweet, soft blues and the navy is just stunning. Teamed with the rouge and rose, this line will create some stunning projects.
Les Petits is the other beautiful range and I love it. Those tiny polka dots are adorable and the little touch of grey in this line, is going to work so well with the other fabrics. The two ranges are designed to blend together and its going to be fun working up a new design to showcase them in.
For now, I'm content to just look at them and enjoy the little trip to Charleston which Amy has so lovingly designed for us :)
Happy sewing :)


  1. I think they are pretty fabrics. Your hands and your talent will make them precious. Thank you for showing them. Hugs.

  2. Those fabrics are wonderful cant wait to see what you come up with. Take care, Guida.

  3. Beautiful fabrics, wonderful city. It's the only place I've ever seen a duck crossing sign! If you go, you have to pay attention to all the beautiful wrought iron work. Little gates into hidden gardens and all kinds of places. The old red brick slave market is a market place I don't even know how to describe. Sort of across between an open air market, shops and a flea market. LOL Fun, though.


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