Do you ever cook something just because you feel like a trip down memory lane? I felt like that last week and decided to make a batch of Nanaimo's. We all need a few no bake recipes in our collection and today I've got an oldie but a goodie for you. If you want something quick and easy and reminiscent of my 80's then your going to love these Nanaimo's:

Cue Madonna's "Holiday"; we're being transported back in time with this recipe ladies :) You're singing it now aren't you? ;)
As newly married wives, the girls from work would sit in the lunch room and trade quick and easy slice recipes which were indicative of our young culinary talents. Many of them contained chopped up lollies or melted chocolate bars; you know the type of recipes I mean, everyone made them.
We cooked them all and this Nanaimo slice has stood the test of time even though its a little different to the original Canadian recipe. I'm pretty sure it was served at every Tupperware party we went to during the 80's/90's :)

These Nanaimo's are packed with chopped pecan's, coconut, dark chocolate and shredded wheat biscuits with a super sweet icing smothered on top. I could eat a bowl of this icing by itself, please don't judge me :) I prefer to chop up extra pecans and sprinkle them over the icing but today I'm doing it like we did back in the 80's and using one whole pecan on top. Very retro :)
I cut my slice into 15 bars but cut them smaller if you wish. They would be perfect for high tea or as a plate to take to craft days and nibble on as you chat and sew.

This recipe is really all about those gorgeous pecans. They flavour strongly in this slice and combined with that delicious dark chocolate, Nanaimo's are the perfect substitute for that afternoon biscuit you have with your coffee. The icing should be soft and fluffy and just set, so adjust your icing sugar quantities to obtain a consistency your happy with.
Nanaimo's are in no way cake like, they are more of a biscuit so if they sound to your liking, you can download the recipe by clicking the link or right click on the photo below and save to your computer.

This batch of Nanaimo's did take me back to those lunch hours with the girls, scrawling down each others recipes in the hopes we'd found a winner. And to those endless Tupperware parties where most of us came only for the food and left with yet another batch of containers to put our cooking in :)
Happy baking :)


  1. Looks yummiest.Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. I don't have a history of knowing these bars but they sure look and sound yummy and I think I'm about to start a new history!! Thank you for sharing the recipe :-)

  3. Thank you Rose for another excellent recipe. Guida


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