Meet The Clauses

I'm well aware that Christmas brings out the big kid in me but I didn't realise just how much until I saw a free pattern, designed for kids (and little kids at that), which had me running to my wool stash. I could say I crocheted these for "way in the future" grandchildren but in all honesty, they're for me :) Why can't we keep the magic alive even when we're grownups? And seriously, who doesn't love Santa and Mrs. Claus anyway?
I'm not the best at amigurumi crochet but the only way to improve is to keep trying, right? My biggest problem is achieving the right amount of filling to shape them nicely. I also struggle with giving them lovely facial expressions but I think I almost nailed that with this festive couple. Aren't they adorable? ♥
I used the free patterns from Ashleigh of Sewrella but I had to make a few changes as I went along so I thought I'd list them all here, if you want to try these yourself.
Most importantly, the pattern suggested two strands of yarn and a large hook so the end project is a large cuddly toy. I used one strand and my usual hook, to achieve a smaller result so I can use them as part of my Christmas decorating.
First up was Santa. Both of these patterns are designed to be a floppy, cuddly, drag around the house kinda soft toy, so they are meant to be stuffed lightly. I still had a few issues; I think Ashleigh's lightly might be my normal and I ended up with Mrs. Claus a little "fluffier" than Santa but that's OK. The body could have used more filling but its done now and I cant undo it without ruining the crochet.
I followed the pattern closely with Santa but I did make a change to his arms. I crocheted them as the pattern stated first but to me they were thin and out of proportion to the rest of Santa. So I re-crocheted them and in round 2, I added five extra stitches to make them more proportional. I prefer them this way but if you try this pattern, you decide for yourself :)
All in all, Santa was quick and fun to crochet and I managed to finish him in a weekend. I think if I was to change anything about this little cutie, it would definitley be the amount of filling in his body and I might need to trim that beard a little more, after looking at the photo's :)
You can find Ashleigh's free pattern for Santa HERE.
Now with Mrs. Claus I did make a few changes. First up, I increased the size of the arms as I did with Santa. I also changed how I crocheted the apron. In the pattern it is crocheted as part of the body but I was unhappy with how my colour changes looked at the joins, so I crocheted my apron separate, added some straps to connect with the tie at the back and I tacked it all to the body so it wouldn't curl. I'm not sure this was a smart decision but I it looks better than my first attempt.
I also added the buttons to the apron straps and I used buttons instead of bells for the holly.
I added French Knots instead of bells for the earrings and I think I made her nose a little large but anyhoo :). The hair gave me a few issues though. Its meant to be rolled into a bun or folded over and secured into a messy bun but after following the pattern the length of hair just wasn't long enough to shape very well, so I gave Mrs. Claus a simple ponytail and added some ribbon. It looks OK but I'd suggest you cut your strands longer than the suggested 8" to achieve a bun.
You can find Ashleigh's free pattern for Mrs. Claus HERE.
Despite a few minor imperfections, I'm so thrilled with these two. They were fun to crochet and I learnt so much along the way so I'm glad I gave them a try. They are so sweet and cuddly and they keep my Christmas magic alive. One day my future grandchildren might drag them around the house but for now they will become part of our Christmas decorating and will most likely sit under our tree.
Ashleigh has lots of great free patterns, so pop on over and be inspired.
Happy crocheting :)


  1. So cute and done I time to enjoy this season!

  2. They are so gorgeous! I love Mr Santa's long beard and the cute ear rings for Mrs Claus!

  3. Rose, those are the cutest pair. I think you did great making them smaller. Mrs. Claus is so sweet with that smile and the separate apron, a great idea. The red buttons are just the right touch. You really turned them into your own creation, so enjoy them for me.

  4. Totally agree about keeping the magic alive, love Mr & Mrs Claus


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