My Dollhouse fabrics arrived on Monday and to say I'm thrilled is an understatement; they are stunning:
Amy Sinibaldi designs the prettiest fabrics and her colour palette is always beautiful. I'm loving the mix of grey, pink and warm sienna in this line. The prints are just adorable and a charming mix of small florals, butterflies, roof tiles and tiny mushrooms.
I love the grey fabrics. I use a lot of grey in our home and I find it calming and warm plus is works so well with lots of accents. I can switch furnishings and linens around depending on the season and it all works well together. I'm looking forward to playing with these fabrics the same way.
Those pinks are positively swoon worthy! I love those tiny florals, they are just so pretty. And the shades are beautiful: from that gorgeous rose to the baby soft pink. Lots of contrast and lots of combinations to play with.
I think I've mentioned this before but Art Gallery Fabrics are so soft and silky and the colours are so vibrant. I love working with them and they sew together beautifully.
I do have a plan for these fabrics and seeing them in real life has made me even more excited for this new design.  I have to wait until I have a few other projects finished first but then I can start cutting into them. Ekkk, I can't wait ♥
I have to show you the tiny mushrooms. Now if only mushrooms looked so adorable in real life I wouldn't have to cut them up and hide them in our food so the family will eat them :) Amy's attention to detail is what makes her fabrics so beautiful and these prints give you a glimpse into her magical, miniature world.
It's such a lovely fabric line and its going to work well with her other collections. I pulled a couple of her Playground fabrics (pictured on the right) from my stash and I already see new combinations and endless possibilities. I'm looking forward to sewing with these ♥ but I'll just keep patting them for a little bit longer :)
Happy sewing :)

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  1. Beautiful fabrics! I look forward to seeing what your plan for them is.


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