Non Slip Foot Pedal Mat

Remember the link I shared in my Week Ending post on Sunday for the Non Slip Foot Pedal Mat? Well I made one for myself and I have to tell you....... it works perfectly :)
I love my new machine but the foot pedal seems to have a mind of its own and in its travels, gets wedged under the ledge of my sewing table. I'm working on wool carpet and it happened a little with my Pfaff foot pedal but the Brother one just wont stay put. There are probably a hundred solutions for this but I stumbled across this tutorial from So Sew Easy and decided to give it a try.
Mum uses the non slip matting for different purposes so I grabbed a couple of her larger scraps and used some fabric scraps from my stash for the bindings and the stopper roll, so basically a no cost project YAY!
The tutorial is very easy to follow and its says the mat isn't the most prettiest thing but that it works....and yes it does! I sewed all day yesterday and my foot pedal did not move! I love it!
Its a quick and easy project and it took me about an hour to finish. Bear in mind a large portion of that time was spent picking the perfect fabric :) not that it really matters but that's how I roll.
There's a lot of bulk under the machine and the matting is grippy so I did use a sheet of paper underneath to help feed it through, as the tutorial suggests. Its easy to remove once the binding is on because the paper perforates as you sew, just like paper piecing.
The stopper roll is a great addition but make sure you size it to fit your pedal. You don't want it wedging underneath the roll or else your machine wont stop when you take your foot off. I machine sewed my stopper roll to the mat for extra strength and stability.
So in conclusion, its a fun project, its a great tutorial, the mat works perfectly and I'm a happy sewer :) If you're having "wandering foot pedal syndrome" like I was, then this non slip mat is a great solution.
You can find the tutorial HERE at So Sew Easy. And if you have any other solutions that may also help, feel free to share them in the comments for everyone to read.
Happy sewing :)


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this! I am about to make one of these and I was wondering about that stopper roll.

    :) Linda

  2. What an elegant solution! I use a small car mat with a bit of the non slip stuff underneath!

  3. Rose this is such a great idea. I have to make one since my floor is tile where I sew and you know where my presser foot is :-) Thanks for the great pattern


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