French Toast Cookies

Last week I was watching one of my favorite Instagramers, and she had just received a box of beautifully decorated cookies - you know the ones that are heavily iced and look far too pretty to eat. The cookies were a mix of flavors and they all sounded amazing, but the one that resonated with me the most was a french toast cookie. It sounded lush so I cleared my day, headed into the kitchen and worked on my own recipe. And here it is, my French Toast Cookies:

How yummy does that look? Just between you and I they are amazing :) I love french toast and there's really no reason why we should limit it to just the breakfast menu is there?
These French Toast Cookies are buttery, soft and full of that beautiful french toast flavor and the best bit is you can enjoy them anytime of the day.......with a coffee. Bonus!

I have a basic foundation cookie recipe which is my go to recipe, and I love to adapt it with different flavors and fillings. Its quick and easy and you get perfect results every time.
The cookie dough is soft but the more you work it the better it becomes, and there's no need for chilling or resting the dough - its a mix, roll and cut kinda dough :)
For my French Toast Cookies I flavored the dough with cinnamon, and added a gorgeous maple syrup buttercream to give them that delicious french toast flavor. Because Valentines Day is right around the corner I used heart shaped cookie cutters for this batch and they look so cute :)

You can cut them any shape you like but I thought they would look cute with a smaller heart cut out of the top cookies, so you could see the buttercream and it can ooze out of the top on that very first mouthful.  This recipe makes 24 individual cookies so just remember to remove a small heart from 12 of them prior to cooking and leave the remaining 12 solid.

I piped the Maple Syrup Buttercream on the solid cookie halves, and you don't need too much otherwise its messy to eat but if you're up for the challenge pipe away! I finished the tops with a dusting of icing sugar and I added a single piping of buttercream and a light sprinkling of cinnamon to each of the centre cut outs.
As I'm writing this post, I'm thinking a spread of strawberry jam under the buttercream would also be amazing. That might be an idea for the next batch, I love sliced strawberries with french toast :)

You could serve these cookies for Valentines Day as an alternative to the traditional chocolate recipes. Not only do they pack a flavorsome punch but they look pretty on a plate and they smell absolutely amazing. 
They would be the perfect addition to a high tea plate or you could wrap them in cellophane bags or pretty gift boxes to give as a gift to that someone special. 

If you would like to try my French Toast Cookies, you can download the recipe by clicking the link or right click on the photo below and save to your computer.

I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I do. I have to admit taste testing these delicious morsels was no hardship :) They do taste lush and you can enjoy those traditional breakfast flavors with your morning or afternoon tea.

Happy baking ♥ :)


  1. These look so yummy! What sweet treat just in time for Valentines day.

  2. Rose, those look amazing! If they taste have as good as they look, I'll gain 5 lbs eating them! Thank you so much for the recipe.


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