Casual Granny Square CAL- Part Three

Earlier this week, Mandy from Crochet Redagape released part three of her Casual Granny Square CAL and its another beautiful one. ♥

This months granny square is called Sunshine and what a sweet touch they are going to add to our sampler blankets. I love a granny square that begins as a circle and is then squared off in the last few rounds.  They look so intricate but they are very quick and easy to crochet.

Mandy worked her eight squares in yellow but as I'm going for a bright, scrappy look for this blanket I decided to be colourful and use a mix of colours I'd chosen for previous squares. I may change my mind as the blanket progresses but for now I think they work well together.

I'm loving how its looking so far and I'm eager to add new squares to my pile and watch the blanket grow. Mandy has given us a lacy border option to join the squares and I think it will look pretty but I'm a little worried it might be too delicate for the weight of my squares. I might do a little research before I commit to any particular joining method but I would like something lacy.

I really enjoyed this months square and I think Sunshine will be a great filler block for our blankets. Mandy's patterns are so easy to follow and she always includes step by step photos for each round to help you along the way.
If you would like to join in on the Casual Granny Square CAL then you can find all the details on Mandy's blog HERE. It's easy to keep up with installments and you learn new techniques with every square you crochet.

I'm eager to see what Mandy has in store for us next month; I'm sure it will be another stunning block. She's so generous with her time and so sweet to organise this CAL for us :)
You can follow along with everyone's progress on the Instagram tag #casualgrannycal. You'll find a bunch of wonderful inspiration as everyone's blankets progress. There's a great variety of colour combinations and yarns and they almost make me want to start a second blanket, and a third..... :)

Happy crocheting :)


  1. wow looking beautiful!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina. Its such a fun and relaxed CAL. I look forward to the first week of every month when a new square is released. Mandy is very clever :)


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