Pepper and Flax by Corey Yoder

This gorgeous bundle of Pepper and Flax by Corey Yoder arrived last week. This new line hit the shops in April and it's perfect for a super secret project I'm about to start working on.
The colour palette of this range is soooo pretty; beautiful black/grays, yellows, oranges and greens. I fell in love with these fabrics as soon as I saw them and I was eager to use them for my new design.

The bundle has been sitting on my cutting table for the last few days and I've been dying to dive right in and start sewing. Its bright and cheerful with a modern colour palette which makes me swoon.
My new project is a bit of a long term one, and now that the fabric is here and I can see all the prints together, I've started drafting and plotting all the elements and bringing my idea alive.

I've also ordered a few fabrics from her other ranges to use with this bundle and I'm just waiting for them to arrive so I can work them into the design.
This fat quarter bundle has 30 prints and each and every one of them is simply stunning.As I'm using this fabric straight away, I've opened the bundle to show you the prints:

Firstly the blacks/greys and greens. Aren't they gorgeous? There's some pretty florals, medallions, scallops, Queens Anne Lace and a versatile chicken wire print. I love those greys and secretly they were the reason I fell in love with this range.

The other reason was definitely the beautiful yellows and oranges. I love them! There's quite a few low volume prints to play with which is always great and I'm using Kona 97 as my background solid, to tie everything together.

If you haven't seen this range yet then look out for it at your LQS because it is beautiful. I'm about to dive in and make my first block which is super exciting. There's no better feeling than starting a new project; except for maybe sewing down the last few inches of binding on one you're finishing :)
You may not see how I use this fabric for a little while, but I assure you it will be worth the wait :)

Happy sewing :)


  1. Looking forward to see what your secret sewing is with this great bundle. I'm not sure what I am doing with my bundle, but I am sure it is going to be cant miss with this gorgeous bundle.

    1. Yes I think anything sewn in this fabric will be stunning Heide :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you make :)

  2. Yummiest.Have fun playing with them!

    1. Thanks Rosa. I started cutting yesterday and WOW! Gorgeous fabrics ♥


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