{Wedding Ideas} A Date Has Been Set!

That's right, a date has been set and a venue booked for Maddi and Michael's wedding. Roll on November 30, 2019!!!! That's 494 days away!!
If you've followed my blog for a long time, you'll already know our daughter and you've probably watched her grow up. I'm totally biased but she's the sweetest, kindest, most relaxed soul you will ever meet. And Michael, well he's just amazing.....love him to pieces ♥
I thought it might be fun to share some blog posts throughout the whole wedding planning journey, including the making of the wedding quilt I'm designing, because there's going to be a lot of crafting. And here's why:

This is the wedding location- The Stone House. This house was built in 1825 by convicts for Rev. John Youl in the quaint little country town of Perth. It's a stunning Georgian home with gorgeous gardens and basically we get to decorate it any way we want. It will be a blank canvas for us to work with and the decorating possibilities are endless.

We spent Saturday morning exploring the grounds and the house whilst taking a million photos to help with the planning.  The conservatory will be the reception location. Maddi and Michael want a small, intimate, family (and a few friends) wedding and this room is perfect. The doors open onto a very pretty and more secluded garden which will be perfect for mingling. Inside its bright and fabulous and here's a little peek at the front section:

Obviously the conservatory will be completely bare when we get there, so there's tonnes of decorations to make and lots of craft days to plan with the bridesmaids. I'll share tutorials on all the decorations we make because it may help someone, sometime for all sorts of celebrations. I'll also share links on where I find supplies, fun ideas and good deals etc. as we move along.  Plus, hit me with ideas people.......you can never have too much inspiration!

The wedding ceremony will be held here and again, blank canvas (YAY). There were several spots that we could have used but we liked this one because it will be shaded and its open and spacious. Can you imagine it decorated? I can.....actually my mind hasn't stopped reeling since we visited ;) I may have stopped at Spotlight and brought my first roll of tulle on the way home ;)

The pathways are all lined with gorgeous hedging (can you see tulle balls or bows spaced along the hedges?) and the gardens are full of flowering plants so it will look pretty. Its also very quiet, except for the occasional plane that flies over (the airport is very close).

And just to prove that you can find quilt inspiration anywhere, look at the conservatory floor. Stunning!
I'll also share the wedding quilt as I'm sewing. I've spent a lot of time planning this quilt. I didn't want to use a traditional wedding quilt pattern but I still wanted to include traditional elements because their symbolism is important to me.......and I finally decided on the perfect way to do it!  I'm currently collecting fabric and I'll show you more soon.

I'm not sure whether you'll find these posts interesting but I'm taking you along for the ride anyways :) I live a creative life and the prospect of getting out the glue gun, the paint set and all the other crafty supplies has me giddy with excitement :)
Expect to see things like painted chalkboard signs, how to decorate an arch, hoop art, tulle balls etc. etc. etc. I've added a section under the "Categories" tab at the top of the blog so you can find all of our Wedding Ideas in the one place.
I hope you enjoy coming along on this special journey with us :) We are all so very excited!
Happy crafting :)


  1. The place looks awesome and although my daughter is too young (16), I am looking forward to all the wedding preparations, thanks for sharing and take care, Guida.

    1. Its all very exciting Guida. We have so many ideas; those 494 days are going to be busy lol Fun busy though xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the young couple; looking forward to seeing the journey to the aisle, November should see even more flowers out in the gardens there, what a beautiful building & what a way to conserve it by allowing people to use it for functions & events!
    494 days will be be over in a flash; blink of an eye; etc i mean look at this year, i still go to write 2017 on dates! the months go past too fast these days.
    what an awesome way to spend time with family, doing the things you love. have fun
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Serena. Its a gorgeous location and the house is exquisite. I didn't want to leave :) And you're so right, in the blink of an eye I'll be sharing the wedding photos :) Its all so exciting!

  3. Congratulations! Wedding are such fun. The setting is just beautiful and I am sure it is going to be transformed with all the decorations into a magical night. TFS!

    1. Thanks Heide. My brain hasn't stopped reeling since we visited. There's so much we could do but we don't want to over do it either. Its all fun and exciting :)

  4. Rose, I'm so excited for you and the happy couple. I can only imagine how beautiful their day will be with all the ideas you have already. Can't wait to see the quilt. Kim

    1. Thanks Kim. Ohh the quilt! Im eager to start sewing but I'm still gathering fabrics and doodling and drafting the final layout. Its going to be gorgeous, lots of piecing and applique :) Can't wait to share.


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