Week Ending (July 22)

Happy Sunday clever peeps! School holidays are just about over; its back to school on Tuesday :( Ten more weeks until the next holiday! (yes I do count them down!)
This week I've got a few portable projects to share with you. I work on small projects in the car while I'm waiting for school to finish, so here's a few fun ideas to try:

  • First up are these gorgeous Cable Hexagon Rosettes. This blanket is gorgeous and I can't wait to try this pattern. Now just to pick out some colours and order some yarn :)
  • English Paper Piecing is a great portable project to work on and this Free Diamond Jewel Quilt from Felice at I Am Luna, is interesting. I love the star blocks and if your not a fan of the diamond layout, I'm sure you could use a square or rectangular layout instead.
  • Another fun EPP project is this Instavase Jar Wrapper. This looks fun and a great way to pretty up a jar or glass vase with some of your favorite fabrics. 
  • Indulge me here, but your sitting in the car, working on a project and waiting for school to finish.....you need a snack, right? Try this Salted Caramel Popcorn recipe from the Organsied Housewife. This is delicious ♥
  • Oh these Crochet Mini Bag Key Rings are adorable. You could make heaps of these to pop in the Christmas cards this year. Grab a pen and paper and watch the video tutorial for this free pattern.
  • My must try recipe for next week is Cinnamon Sponge. It looks delicious and it has a caramel filling; yes please! (not portable but yummy) 
  • I also love these Tunisian Feathers. You could make a heaps of these for a dream catcher or use individual ones for bookmarks or gift decorations. The pattern includes two sizes plus a few ideas for decorating them with embroidery.

And that's my list for another week. I try to squeeze as much creative time as I can into my day and I always take a project with me in the car at school pick up. I get a lot done in that 25-30 minute wait, and it makes the time go a lot quicker.
Happy Week Ending :)

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