Week Ending (July 8)

Happy Sunday lovelies! Winter school holidays have started for us (YAY!) so I predict two whole weeks of hibernation, sleep ins and pyjama sewing days in our imminent future :)
Today's Week Ending list is a mixed bag of fun links, so lets see what inspired me this week:

  • First up are these adorable Fabric Button Boats. Layer cake squares are adhered to stiff interfacing and then cut, sewn and secured with buttons. This is a paid pattern but I'm pretty sure you would make heaps of these so it would be worth the investment :)
  • I'm eager to try this Lemon Panna Cotta recipe. Hubby and I are huge fans of the traditional vanilla panna cotta, and I like to experiment with different topping for texture and taste. I'm salivating at the thought of a lemon flavored one.
  • This Crochet Rose pattern popped up in my newfeed the other day and I'm sure its because I was Googling things for Maddi and Michael's engagement party. If you can work your way through all the ads in the blog post, it might be a fun little project to crochet. There is a video right at the bottom, so just keep scrolling.
  • Have you ever thought of making your own sprinkles for cakes etc.? The Sprinkle Factory has a Homemade Sprinkle tutorial complete with a printable template to help you out.
  • I try and avoid Y seams as much as possible but Edyta from Laundry Basket Quilts shares her tip in this Master Y Seams video and she makes it looks so easy. Her accent is adorable by the way :) Go check it out!
  • Now this How To Crochet a Bean Bag Pouf is a clever idea. There's no actual pattern to follow but its definitely inspirational and looks easy to do. Just source some free patterns for the panels and your ready to go. (there are lots of free patterns HERE)
  • And lastly, have you seen these gorgeous Vintage Keepsakes fabrics from Beverly McCullough for Riley Blake? They are stunning and the colours are divine ♥  Keep an eye out for these,  yardage is expected January 2019.
That's my list for another week. I hope you found something to inspire you too.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm off to sew something quick and fun. I'll tell you more about it soon.
Happy Week Ending :)

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