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Hey friends! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I'd restocked my Threadbare Handmade Etsy shop with a few new crocheted items so I thought I'd show them to you. Its not a big restock but there are some pretty items available and they've all been crocheted with love by me.

If you haven't seen it before, this is my Threadbare Handmade Etsy shop and its a space for me to sell some of my crocheted items - my love of quilting and crochet is making the seams of our house bulge. ;)
I love to crochet at night while we're watching TV and running this little shop justifies my yarn habit - that's what I tell myself anyways. I don't carry a lot of items in there but every piece is something I love and I would use in our home.
Just remember if you're looking for something specific or would like an item in a different colourway, send me an Etsy message and we can work on a custom order together. I love a challenge and I'm always eager to try new things.

First up are my crocheted coaster sets and I've got quite a few new sets listed. Most of the sets include six coasters and I love using these around our house. You can swap and change them for different seasons and they give a space that warm, homey feel, plus they look pretty darn cute under your favorite cup or mug.
They're crocheted using a cotton blend yarn so they are easy to hand wash and they retain their shape if you dry them on a towel. I've have multiples of some of these coaster sets so go and check them out HERE.

Something else I love to crochet are mandala doilies. I love working with different colourways but they also look gorgeous in one solid colour.
They look so pretty under a photo, lamp or a vase of flowers and the lacy design adds a little femininity to your home. Each set includes two doilies and they're the perfect way to add a little softness to bedside tables or lamp and coffee tables.
You can see all the listings HERE.

And lastly, I added some Boho Fringed Cowls and I did add a gold one but that has sold already. I love scarves but they tend to choke you as you move around. Cowls are so much easier to wear and they stay in place while your driving and shopping etc.
I've crocheted these cowls using a soft 12ply denim look yarn and they're so snugly and warm and not scratchy. Each cowl has been finished with a simple fringe and secured with vintage buttons. I did secure the buttons permanently because when you make holes in the crochet they tend to stretch and look messy. Its simply a matter of slipping the cowl over your head and squishing it into a comfortable position.
You can see my cowl listings HERE.

So that's what's new in my Threadbare Handmade Etsy shop. I do have more planned for the coming weeks so make sure you favorite my shop to see any new listings, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like a custom order - I'd be thrilled to work with you. :)
Happy crocheting :)

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