{Free Pattern} Personalised Tree Ornaments

With a new Christmas Tree and a new member to our little family, it was time for me to sew some new Personalised Tree Ornaments. I made some mini quilts when the kids were little, and once the tree was decorated one by one, we placed our named ornament on the tree. There was a cute and cheeky reindeer, Santa, a Snowman and a Christmas Stocking and you can see them all HERE.

For my new ornaments I decided to go with the classic Sawtooth Star block and these are super quick and easy to make, so I thought you might like to sew some too.

These little 4" square mini quilts look so pretty on our new tree and they took no time at all to sew.  I added the autograph strip to the centre of each star, and I embroidered our names using two strands of DMC cotton.

My original plan was to make them all in different fabrics, but I loved this Bonnie and Camille combination so much that I kept going and made them a matching set.

It doesn't matter how old the kids are, they still enjoy seeing their Personalised Tree Ornaments on the Christmas tree, and they love these new ones (the old ones are carefully stored away in our family memory box).

They add that handmade touch to our tree, but you could also use them as gift toppers, string them together for garlands or add one to your Christmas cards and send a sweet personalised gift to friends and neighbours.

So, here's how to make one or twenty. :)

I chose a 4" (finished) Sawtooth Star block because it makes a cute sized ornament. You can find all the cutting requirements in my Sawtooth Star chart and follow along with step by step tutorial in my Classic Quilt Block Series HERE to prepare and sew your blocks.

You'll need to replace the centre (A) square with an autograph unit and I've made it super easy for you by providing a foundation paper piecing template, so there's no fiddly cutting or piecing (this unit finishes at 2" square). Simply click on the link to grab your copy.

If paper piecing isn't your thing, then simply add a plain square as per the tutorial and stitch your names any way you want - you could even stitch monogram letters instead.

There are a few ways to add your names to the blocks. I chose a font in WORD and printed out the names, tracing them onto the blocks using a water-soluble pen. I added a thin piece of pellon to the back of each block and then I stitched them with two strands of DMC cotton.

You could also use your machine if it embroiders letters etc., or simply write them on with a permanent pen. You can get creative and add some holly or some hearts or add a border around the white strip - I actually thought about that after I'd finished my little ornaments, oh well!

Next up is quilting, binding and adding a ribbon and this is where you get to play. I used a lightweight bamboo wadding for my Personalised Tree Ornaments and I quilted them with some pretty serpentine quilting.

I used a 2 1/4" binding but I found it too fiddly to join the final join on the diagonal, so I used a butt join (which can create bulk so make sure you press it well).

I cut a length of ribbon and attached it to the back of the quilts in the top left-hand corner. You could also add use jute or bakers' twine, make a loop using fabric or crochet a length of chain stitch long enough to hang your ornaments on the tree.

And that's it! Super easy, lots of fun and a Personalised Tree Ornament for every member of your family.

I hope you have fun making these little quilts. They were the perfect touch for our new tree, and I can easily add more as our little family grows.

Happy Christmas sewing :)
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  1. So stinkin' cute!!! I found your blog from pinterest, and happy to see so many cute ideas. This would make a sweet personal gift. I like the colors, and attention to detail. Nice job!


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