101 Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Bucket lists are usually made when we're faced with our own mortality, but why wait? Why not live life with purpose and intention, and enjoy every precious day we're given?

Do you ever reach the end of the Christmas season and feel as if you just existed and not lived every moment? As a young mum (back in the day), I was so focused on preparing for the big event that I missed the moments in between, and it became less of a celebration and more like work - so we started making family bucket lists!

We kept things simple and fun, and these lists formed a lot of our family traditions which I'm happy to say, are still important to my adult children today.

I thought it might be fun to share my 101 Christmas Bucket List Ideas for you and your whole family, so this season you can live every moment and not get caught up in the hustle and bustle (and stress) of Christmas!

I've put together 101 Christmas Bucket List Ideas for you, your little ones, the whole family, your pets, and the wider community, and I've tried to make them inexpensive and non-regional. You can add more depending on where you live - if you have snow, go make a snowman or snow angels etc.

It's not about how much you can fit into a season, it's about choosing a few and committing to them, make them happen. Trust me, you'll look back at this Christmas with so many precious memories to treasure.

The last two years have taught us to take nothing for granted and to go back to the basics. I notice this year, social media influencers are scaling back their grandiose Christmas setups and giving us more relatable content that's relaxed and dare I say it, honest!

I'm all for simple living that's creative and fun, so I chose 25 ideas for this Christmas season and if I don't get them all ticked off, that's fine - I've set the intention to make it happen by writing out a list!

One thing I always include in our bucket lists, is being active in the community. Christmas is the time for giving and just imagine the impact we could make as a society if we all helped just one person. It can be as simple as inviting a lonely neighbour to dinner or making a child smile on Christmas morning by placing a gift under the wishing tree.

Do what you can to make Christmas bright for someone you may never meet or do not know well, and don't let anyone be alone this season.

I also think it's important to participate in the events organised by our local councils and non-profit organisations. A lot of planning goes into these events and it's wonderful to see so many people support their hard work, plus the atmosphere of Christmas is palpable and you absorb everyone's excitement.

My free 101 Christmas Bucket List Ideas Ebook is seven pages full of fun activities for all the family and I really hope it helps you set the intention to enjoy and believe in the magic of Christmas. Use my ideas, add ideas of your own, ask the kids for their ideas! Make your Christmas a time to remember.

If you would like to download the free ebook then simply click the link below:

I hope my ebook spreads a little Christmas cheer, sprinkles in some wonderful creativity and lights up the hearts of everyone this season!


Happy Christmas :)
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