Free 2022 Calendar

A new year offers limitless possibilities, a full range of emotions, countless dreams and goals, special occasions and treasured memories. Keep things organised this year with my Free 2022 Calendar!
Hi lovely! It's time to release my Free 2022 Calendar and I'm very excited about this years design.

I love watercolours and I purchased a beautiful autumnal set from a very talented Etsy seller who allowed me to use her work to decorate this year's freebie - thanks Isabelle! 

The colours and flowers in this collection are stunning and I thought it was a beautiful way to celebrate each month. Isabelle has some wonderful watercolour collections, so if you're looking for clip art for weddings, journaling etc. then take a look at her shop.

Each month has a lovely floral arrangement and an inspiring quote to keep you uplifted and positive all year long, plus a section at the bottom for notes and a project list. I use my calendar for work dates/deadlines and monthly blog planning, so the boxes for each day are generous and spacious.

Now, I start my free calendars on a Monday because that's what works for me and it aligns with the International standard, but I always receive some nice emails and some not so nice ones regarding starting the calendars on a Sunday. 

For those lovely people who asked ever so kindly, this year I have two free versions for you to download - one starting on a Monday and one starting on a Sunday! 

I can appreciate and respect that not everything is done the same way in every part of the world and that neither way is emphatically right or wrong, so by providing two versions hopefully you'll able to work with a system you're more familiar and comfortable with :)

As you can see, both versions are the same except for which day of the week they start on!

I know a lot of you like to print these up and gift them to friends and family at Christmas, so be assured they print up beautifully. I was thrilled with how vibrant and pretty they printed - they'll make a beautiful addition to any home this year.

I use our local Officeworks for printing, and I select a silky cardstock for stability and I have it bound with a wire binder. Of course, you will still get fabulous results on your home printer - I printed sample pages on my printer and they looked amazing!

So all you need to do now is decide which version of my Free 2022 Calendar you'd like to download.

If you prefer the week to begin on a Monday, you can download the free file here:

And if you prefer the week to begin on a Sunday, you can download the free file here:

I hope you enjoy either or both versions of this years Free 2022 Calendar

A new blank calendar or diary always excites me because there's a whole new year waiting to plan, a life to live more intentionally and simple joys to be found in every single day!


Happy planning :)
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  1. Hi Rose,
    Thanks for another beautiful calendar :)
    I really enjoyed using the 2021 version ! Lots of space to keep notes and other bits of news.
    Amazing how people can compalin about free stuff. You covered that part about the comments quite eloquently.
    take care,

    1. Awww thanks Joanna. I'm so thrilled they are useful to you. I love having one for blog work etc. and this year I wanted to showcase Isabelle's gorgeous artwork - she's so talented! I hope 2022 is a wonderful year for you and yours :)

  2. Thank you Rose for another wonderful calendar. I'm sorry that some people can be less than friendly, I love to start on Monday's too. Thanks again and have a Happy Xmas and wonderful New Year.

    1. Oh you're welcome Guida. I'm thrilled you like it and I hope it's a useful tool in your sewing room next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  3. Thank you! Printed and ready to use.


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