Grace Mini Quilt PDF Pattern

Mini quilts may be small in size, but they're super fun to sew! They're a fast finish with less commitment, and every month I add a new design to my pattern family to tempt you!

I have a new mini quilt pattern for you today, and this one is perfect for Easter. Please welcome the gorgeous Grace to my pattern family.

It's designs like Grace that make me grateful I embraced the perils of paper piecing - you can't achieve designs like this with traditional piecing.

I do have to thank a very lovely customer for encouraging me to design Grace. Wendy visited my Etsy shop looking for a cross design, and when I didn't have one, she asked if I'd consider designing one for Easter - challenge accepted! I sent Wendy a pattern and her version is absolutely stunning!

The name Grace is Latin in origin and refers to the phrase "the grace of God". It's biblical meanings include charm, goodness and generosity, and it also symbolizes love, divine favor and clemency. 

In Greek Mythology the name Grace refers to beauty and joy. The goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, creativity, fertility, and goodwill were known as Charites or Graces.

Grace is classic, delicate, and simply beautiful and you'd have to agree it was the perfect name for this mini quilt.

Grace is a foundation paper pieced mini quilt pattern, and she finishes at around 10" x 14".  I selected a mix of fabrics from my stash, and the Essex linen was a must for this mini quilt - I love the look and it adds warmth and texture to any design.

The PDF pattern does include a colouring sheet so you can plan your colours/fabrics prior to piecing, and I don't think you can go wrong with choosing a palette for this one. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Grace is a little challenging in places, but I firmly believe that if you can paper piece something, you can paper piece everything! Regardless of angles or size, the same principles apply so just take your time and have fun with it. 

The PDF pattern includes step by step instructions and full sized FPP templates so you're ready to print and sew. Once you get started, this mini quilt comes together quite quickly making it a great weekend project!

If you're new to paper piecing or you need some extra help, I do have some tutorial here:

There's lot of information and practice sheets in these posts, but I'm just an email away if you need some more help.

I'm absolutely in love with Grace. She was a pleasure to design and sew, and to me she represents the true meaning of Easter.

If you would like to sew your own Grace mini quilt, PDF patterns are now available in my Etsy shop. From today until the end of April 2022 they will be available at the introductory price of $4.95 (AU + taxes where applicable).

Simply click on the link below to purchase your PDF pattern:

I hope you enjoying sewing my Grace mini quilt. I think she will be a favorite for years to come and a treasured addition to your home all year long.


Happy quilting :)


  1. I think Grace is the most beautiful pattern you have created so far! I know that I will be making several for gifts and one for me!

    1. Thank you Sherry! I've been so excited about releasing Grace. I hope you enjoy sewing her and I hope she brings some joy to the people you gift her to. :)

  2. I fell in love with your Little Blue Lake string quilt. I have wanted to try string quilting but had not found a 'fit'. Your site has me all enthused!! I am going to start sorting my scrap box and who knows? maybe I will have creative juices flowing! Thanks for such a well shared and instruction site. Blessings!

    1. Awww I hope you have fun with it! I enjoyed making the string quilt. It was my first but wont be my last I'm sure :)


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