Aya Mini Quilt PDF Pattern

Mini quilts may be small in size, but they're super fun to sew! They're a fast finish with less commitment, and every month I add a new design to my pattern family to tempt you!

This month's mini quilt has a very special meaning to our family. On Tuesday August 16, Madeline, Michael, and Landon welcomed their gorgeous daughter and sister Iris Evelyn into their family. Our little princess arrived safely, and everyone is doing fantastic!

I have an Iris mini quilt pattern and Iris was the goddess of rainbows, so to celebrate the birth of this precious new babe, I'm adding a new rainbow design to my pattern family. 

Please welcome the beautiful Aya!

Aya is a common female Japanese name meaning beautiful or colourful, and in Arabic it means wonderful, amazing or miracle - perfect for this gorgeous quilt I'm sure you'll agree.

In Akkadian mythology, Aya was the goddess of dawn. She was married to Shamash the sun god and she was associated with the rising sun and the morning light. She was also referred to as the divine bride and many depictions highlighted her beauty and sexual charm.

Aya is a foundation paper pieced mini quilt pattern and she finishes at around 16" square. The templates are a decent size, making her quick, easy and fun to sew. 

The Aya Mini Quilt PDF Pattern includes step by step instructions and diagrams, full sized FPP templates, a colouring sheet for planning, and optional instructions for adding a hanging sleeve or corner hangers.

She's a lovely quilt suitable for all quilting levels, but if you need some additional help, here's some of my tutorials:

I'm just an email away if you need some help, but these links are a good place to start.

I love pulling out my solid fabrics and making rainbows - they make me happy, and they symbolize hope, promise, new beginnings and dreams. 

This month I'm offering something a little different for my pattern release. Aya and four of my rainbow mini quilt patterns will be marked down by 20% for the month of September to celebrate the arrival of our little princess - no discount code needed.

To purchase a PDF pattern of the gorgeous Aya Mini Quilt, simply click the link below:

Also included in this month's sale are these gorgeous rainbow quilts:

Click on the links above to see each Etsy listing.

I hope you have fun with these rainbow patterns - they make me smile! 

Aya is a welcome addition to my pattern family and a quilt you'll enjoy creating.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to snuggle our new granddaughter yet again. I can't get enough of her newborn smell, her soft downy hair, and her tiny features - she's stolen nanna's heart, just like her big brother!


Happy quilting :)

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