Cut-Out Cookies

It's not Christmas without baking cut out cookies with the kids. My simple yet delicious Cut Out Cookies recipe is easy to work with and their buttery flavor is a definite favorite with the kids at Christmas!

We've revisited a lot of old traditions this Christmas and one of our kid's favorite things to do during Christmas was to bake cookies - to be honest they still love it as big kids! 

These Cut-Out Cookies can be iced and decorated, but we prefer to fill them with jam, and sprinkle them generously with icing sugar. 

As adults we add festive ingredients to our baking, but the kids simply don't enjoy them. These cookies have simple flavors, yet they're delicious and the kids can't get enough of them.

Now we have grandchildren I'm cooking a lot of my old family favorite recipes, and these cookies are buttery soft and very easy to make with basic pantry ingredients.

The cookie dough is very forgiving, so it's perfect for kids who love to roll and reroll the dough a hundred and one times. It seems to get better and better the more you work it, so the kids can play in it as much as they like, and the end result is still a perfectly soft and delicious cookie.

They're also a great cookie to leave out for Santa, but if you want to make them more grown up or adult friendly, you can add cinnamon and almond essence, and substitute some of the flour for almond flour or ground almonds.

You could also sandwich them together with buttercream or add a layer of peanut butter then the jam for a PB & J Cookie - trust me, it's amazing!

The kids will love cutting out their favorite cookie shapes, and this recipe makes around sixteen sandwiched cookies or thirty-two individual cookies depending on the cutters you use.

I love the little cut outs in the centre. That glimpse of luscious jam makes them totally irresistible.

This year Landon will be able to cut out his own cookies - he's an enthusiastic helper in the kitchen and he loves making shapes with the cookie cutters! We're baking a batch on Christmas Eve, and we'll be constructing a gingerbread house, so it should be a fun, festive afternoon.

Baking Cut-Out Cookies with the kids during Christmas is one of my favorite family traditions. When they were little, they loved preparing the dough and cutting their own cookies, and I loved that it didn't require too much supervision and they showed independence in the kitchen - it was their baking day!

If you would like to try my Cut-Out Cookies recipe, simply click the link for the recipe card or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer.

I hope you and the kids have fun with these cookies. I'm blessed to have baked these Cut-Out Cookies with our two children and now with own two gorgeous grandchildren. There's nothing sweeter than that!



Happy Christmas baking :)

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