C2C Crochet Bunny Block

Stitch Fiddle makes designing your own C2C crochet blocks simple and easy. For my first block I created this adorable bunny for you to crochet this Easter!

Morning lovely! 

I have a fun Easter project to share with you today. The C2C Crochet Bunny Block is a sweet and simple way to celebrate this Easter season.

I tried Stitch Fiddle for the very first time and designed a C2C project for you. It was so easy and fun to do, and the end result was this adorable bunny!

If you're unfamiliar with C2C, it's very addictive and a fun way to crochet! Make and Do Crew has a very detailed tutorial to help you, including how to design your own projects in Stitch Fiddle. It covers how to increase and decrease, how to change colours and how to weave in those ends.

It also explains how to read a graph and all tools and stitches you need to get started. It's a very comprehensive tutorial and you can find it HERE

I decided to include both a graph and a written pattern for my C2C Crochet Bunny Block to make it super easy for you, but first let's look at the materials etc. I used for this block.

This is a 19 x 19 C2C block pattern, and I decided to shop my yarn stash choosing some 5ply cotton yarns and a 3.75mm crochet hook.

My block finished at 11 1/2" square, but different yarns and hooks will alter this size.

You'll need four colours for this block - white (W), light grey (LG), pink (P), brown (B). I used almost two 50g skeins of the white and half a 50g skein of light grey, and very small quantities of the pink and brown.

So, let's crochet:

Increase Rows:

Row 1: 1W
Row 2: 2W
Row 3: 3W
Row 4: 4W
Row 5: 5W
Row 6: 6W
Row 7: 7W
Row 8: 8W
Row 9: 5W, 1P, 3W
Row 10: 3W, 2P, 2LG, 3W
Row 11: 3W, 3LG, 1P, 4W
Row 12: 5W, 4LG, 3W
Row 13: 3W, 5LG, 5W
Row 14: 6W, 5LG, 3W
Row 15: 3W, 6LG, 6W
Row 16: 7W, 3LG, 6W
Row 17: 4W, 6LG, 7W
Row 18: 8W, 6LG, 4W
Row 19: 5W, 5LG, 9W

Decrease Rows:

Row 20: 9W, 3LG, 6W
Row 21: 6W, 6LG, 5W
Row 22: 4W, 6LG, 6W
Row 23: 5W, 4LG, 2P, 1LG, 3W
Row 24: 3W, 4LG, 1B, 1LG, 5W
Row 25: 4W, 3LG, 6W
Row 26: 6W, 1LG, 1P, 4W
Row 27: 11W
Row 28: 10W
Row 29: 9W
Row 30: 8W
Row 31: 7W
Row 32: 6W
Row 33: 5W
Row 34: 4W
Row 35: 3W
Row 36: 2W
Row 37: 1W

And that's the sweet C2C Crochet Bunny Block pattern. 

You can use this block in any of your Easter projects - I'm about to crochet another one and make them into pillows for Landon and Iris.

I hope you have fun with this pattern. I love C2C crochet and Stitch Fiddle makes designing your own patterns easy, fun and a little bit addictive.



Happy crocheting :)


  1. The bunny is very cute rose. Love it. I wonder if i can talk my sister in to making me one since i don't crochet. :)

    1. Thanks Jeanette! I'm sure if you promise her chocolate she'll crochet it for you ;)


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