Calendar Girls - Evelyn (Block Five)

Do you want to sew the blocks from my Free 2023 Calendar? Come and meet the Calendar Girls and join me in a very, very casual sew along!

Morning lovely!

Welcome to Block Five of my Calendar Girls sew along! Every second Wednesday I'm releasing one block pattern from my Free 2023 Calendar for you to sew in any project you desire!

This week's block is a true representation of someone very special to our family, and out of all the blocks so far, I had the most fun with this one.

Let me introduce you to Evelyn!

Our fifth block is the pull no punches showstopper Evelyn.

She is a foundation paper pieced block and you'll love sewing this one!

Evelyn enjoys country music, soap operas, playing cards, reading and fishing. She's the most honest and blunt of all our Calendar Girl's and she holds nothing back. She'll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, so you're never left wondering what she really thinks. She loves and protects her family emphatically, but it's the bond with her sisters that's the most inspiring - they were a formidable trio! Evelyn will open her home and heart to you while serving tea and a good dose of home truths.

Evelyn was my husband's mother, and we miss her every day!

My goal was to make these block patterns as easy as possible for you, so Evelyn is constructed using the easy and accurate foundation paper piecing method.

You'll require three pretty prints and a background fabric to complete your block and I had so much fun choosing fabrics for this one. It will be a showstopper in any combination, so get creative.

A colouring sheet is included in the free PDF pattern, so you can play around with combinations prior to sewing.

The free PDF pattern includes full sized templates and assembly instructions and diagrams for four sizes of the Evelyn block - 6", 8", 10" & 12".  It's up to you how many you sew or how you use them - you have two weeks until the release of the next block, so sew lots!

Just mentioning again, there are no fabric requirements included in the pattern.

Knowledge of foundation paper piecing is a must, and the FPP templates are full sized for each of the block sizes, so you can print and sew without any fuss.

If you need help with FPP, you can find my tutorials here:

You can always email me with any questions or concerns you may have with FPP - I'll help if I can!

Everything you need to make your own Evelyn block is in the free pattern and to download and print your copy, simply click the link:

Have fun sewing this block. My mother in-law was an incredibly special lady, and she would have been proudly telling everyone she was one of my Calendar Girl. Miss you mum!

The next block in the series is the fun and mischievous Lillian!

I can't wait to introduce you to Lillian on Wednesday 10th of May. She's a popular block to sew and she shares her name with my great grandmother!

Have fun sewing Evelyn lovely! I can't wait to see what you create with these Calendar Girl Blocks.



Happy quilting :)

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