Week Ending - May 28

Seven inspiring projects, seven talented makers! Quilting, crochet and baking links to inspire you to create every day of the week!

Happy Sunday lovely! I hope your week has been kind!

My week flew by in a heartbeat, but I spent a lot of time with the grandkids. They're growing up so fast, and I'm soaking up these precious days as much as I can. I've also been researching a Quilting 101 topic for you, and yesterday hubby and I went to Spotlight to take some photos for the blog post. Sadly shelf stock was low, but we did our best and had a fun morning on location ;) 

I also found you some fun projects, so let's get inspired:

  • I love the Daphne Cocoon Cardigan Crochet Pattern from Sincerely Pam. It's simple, lightweight and no fuss and it is available as a free pattern (scroll down) or you can purchase an ad free version from Ravelry. Super fun!
  • Weekends and fun snacks are a match made in heaven, so I tried the Spinach Artichoke Squares from Pure Wow and they were a hit! They're quick and easy and perfect to nibble on while we watched football. 

  • I stumbled across the Radiance Bloom Free Mini Quilt Pattern from Robin Pickens, and this is adorable. I love the design and there are some different colourway examples that are so inspiring. A full-sized quilt with this block would look stunning - go check it out!
  • Stuck with ideas for a quilt label? Lea Louise has a very informative post on How to Make A Personalized DIY Quilt Label and it's full of ideas and inspiration. There's lots of tips to help you make your own labels, decide where to place them and how to attach them.

  • The Aunalie Crochet Sweater Pattern from Teal and Finch is on my to do list for Miss Iris. I love the texture and structure of this design and my plan is to work in stripes of colour to accentuate those gorgeous sections. Yarn is ordered and on the way!
  • Marike Bol has this Gluten-free Breakfast Cake with Blueberries recipe on her site, and I can't wait to try this one. This can be cooked in the air fryer, but I think I'll use the oven - I'm not a fan of my air fryer! Looks delicious and easy to make!
  • Ameroonie Designs has a post of 7 Simple Sewing Projects to Make This Weekend and I love all of these. They work together so well and perfect for gift giving, school fetes or just when you feel like sewing something fun!

And that's it for another week! I hope these projects inspire your creative itch!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovely! Stay safe and well :)

Happy Week Ending :)


  1. The recipe for the blueberry breakfast cake is in another language. I could not figure out how to translate it to English.

    1. If you're on a desktop Kristina, the translate icon "a" is to the far right of the web page address and if you're on your phone or Ipad it's the "AA" icon on the left of the web page address. Hope that helps!


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