Free 2024 Calendar

A new year offers limitless possibilities, a full range of emotions, countless dreams and goals, special occasions and treasured memories. Keep things organised this year with my free 2024 Calendar!

Good morning lovely! 

One of the highlights of my year is designing and releasing a new calendar and today it's time to share my Free 2024 Calendar!

I release these in November so you have plenty of time to print one for yourself and one for all your crafty friends and family this Christmas.

The theme for this year's calendar is mini quilts and I've included twelve of my favorite designs from my pattern family. It was hard to choose which ones to feature as they're all my favorites, so let's call these my favorite favorites :)

Each month features a gorgeous mini quilt and I hope they brighten your sewing space and make you smile.

As always, I've included a sweet and simple monthly quote to inspire you to keep creating and to keep you motivated and uplifted as we navigate our way through a new year. 

The date blocks are the same size as in previous years, so you'll have plenty of space to add appointments, deadlines etc. and you also have your Tasks and Notes section plus a Projects and Inspiration section to record your quilting journey.

You will notice one difference this year. I have included a unique discount code for each of the twelve mini quilt patterns featured in the calendar, and they will be active for the whole month each quilt is featured.
I've included directions for using each discount code in the calendar and the code will entitle you to 20% off the purchase price of the mini quilt PDF pattern at checkout.

I hope these lovely mini quilts keep you inspired throughout 2024!

I sent my file to Officeworks for printing, and I was happy with the vibrancy of the colours. Of course, they print up lovely on your home computer as well which is important to me when designing these - I want them to have a professional but handmade look.

I prefer a silky cardstock to give the printed pages a sturdy structure, and I selected a metal binding to hold everything together.

I think this year's calendar is fun and perfect for my quilt loving readers - non quilty friends love it too, so don't worry!

If you'd like to download a copy of my Free 2024 Calendar, then simply click on the link below:

A new planner or calendar always excites me because there's a whole new year to plan, a life to live intentionally and simple joys to be found in each and every new day!

I hope you enjoy my Free 2024 Calendar. It was a pleasure to design and I'm sure it will keep you organised all year round. It's pretty and functional and it will be the perfect addition to your sewing space in 2024.


Happy planning :)


  1. Thank you!!! Lots of work and very lovely!

    1. You're welcome Linda. I hope it keeps your crafty projects organised in 2024 :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome Linda. I love the mini quilt theme this year. So fun :)

  3. Thank you Rose for a beautiful start to 2024 ! I always enjoy the quotes, your quilts and the space available for notes ! Thanks for all your edditing and time spent at the computer !

    1. You're welcome Joanne! I use mine for project and blog planning and it's a valuable tool that's also pretty and fun! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the lovely calendar. I just freshened up my sewing room and this will look beautiful in there.

    1. Oh that's wonderful! I'm honored you chose my calendar to hang with your new space :) Have fun creating :)

  5. Mary in the US ArkansasDecember 5, 2023 at 3:07 AM

    Thank you Rose for this beautiful quilt block calendar. I'll think of you every time I look at it and remember to check your blog!

  6. Thank you very much, regards from Finland!

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a lovely calendar. I'm glad I found your site, you have very terrific projects.

  8. I really like your calendar designs. They also have an authentic look. Congratulations, Rose!


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