Melody Mini Quilt PDF Pattern

Mini quilts may be small in size but they're super fun to sew! They're a fast finish with less commitment and every month I add a new design to my pattern family to tempt you!

Do you have a bucket list of quilts you want to make? There are so many I want to sew but there's never enough time, so this month I crossed one off my list by sewing it in miniature.  Please welcome the stunning Melody to my pattern family!

I fell in love with the storm at sea/snail's trail quilts when I first started quilting. The movement these blocks create is whimsical and fun, and the end result is one stunning quilt that makes you feel like you're at the ocean.

The ocean has such a calming effect on our nervous systems and if you can't be there all the time then the next best thing is a mini quilt to hang on your wall.

When I think of the ocean, my childish heart can't help but dream of mermaids - did you look for them on beach trips as a child as well?

In pop culture, mermaids are either depicted as sweet, virginal and innocent or a femme fatale that will eat you for lunch (have you watched Sirens? EKK!). They're always seductive and beautiful and possess an aura that captivates and fascinates.

Just like the beauty of the ocean, a mermaid's melodious voice could hypnotize and allure sailors into adventure and the thrill of the unknown. Whether their songs were a warning of impending doom or fatally lured sailors to the depths of the ocean, we have long been fascinated with these sirens and their harmonious voices.

Melody seemed like the perfect name for this mini quilt!

There are several ways to piece this style of quilt and in the end, I decided to use foundation paper piecing. I find that no matter how careful you are when traditionally piecing the snail's trail blocks, they always finish undersized and wonky. - to keep them accurate you really need to cut to the 1/16th and no one enjoys that! 

I wanted the blocks to be pieced as one unit, but the four-patch centre presented a problem, so for this quilt we're doing something a little different.

The four-patch centre blocks are strip pieced first and then we'll paper piece around them. In the pattern I've detailed my process and it's nothing scary or complicated - it's quite fun and simple to do!

Melody finishes at 22" square and she's a little more labour intensive than my other designs. There are 49 individual units to paper piece so put on some motivating music and enjoy the process.

Knowledge of foundation paper piecing is essential and if you need a little help, you can follow any of my tutorials here:

I'm only an email away if you need some extra help with foundation paper piecing, so contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

The Melody Mini Quilt PDF Pattern includes step by step assembly instructions and full-sized templates so you can print and sew without any fuss.

There's also a colouring sheet to help you plan your fabrics/colours prior to piecing your mini quilt, and optional instructions for adding a hanging sleeve or corner hangers to display your quilt on your mini wall.

I've also included any tips I feel are useful for constructing this mini, and I've been generous when calculating fabric requirements so you can sew with peace of mind.  

Melody was an absolute delight to produce, and it feels so nice to cross one of my bucket list quilts off my list.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Melody Mini Quilt PDF Pattern, PDF patterns are now available in my Etsy shop and until the end of April 2024 they will be at the introductory price of $4.95 (AU + taxes where applicable).

Simply click to link to purchase your copy today:

I hope you enjoy sewing your version of the enchanting Melody. Her presence adds some calm, soothing vibes to my sewing room, and she makes me feel more relaxed and creative.



Happy quilting :)

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