Easton Striped Pullover - Pattern by Two of Wands

I've loved picking up the knitting needles again and the lastest project ready to wear is another version of the Easton Striped Pullover - pattern from Two of Wands!

Hot off the knitting needles is my second version of the Easton Striped Pullover from Alexandra of Two of Wands. Very rarely do I make the same thing twice, but I loved this sweater so much I made another, with a tweak or two.

The Easton Striped Pullover is a free pattern (or there's a paid version without ads) on Alexandra's blog, and it's such a fun and quick sweater to knit - I love all her patterns!

An oversized sweater is perfect for autumn and winter - I'm constantly stealing my husband's sweaters because they're roomy, long and cosy, plus they smell like him and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

For my second version of this sweater, I went up two sizes and added another four (ish) inches to the length of the sweater, to cover my old derriere ;) It resulted in a slouchy, roomy, super warm sweater that's perfect for these cold autumn days.

I know this sweater washes up well too, as my first version has softened with every wash. Pure perfection!

Alexandra's Hue and Me yarns are the best yarns I've even worked with, but they are really hard to find where I live. For this version I did find yarns very close to her original pattern and this combination feels so classic and autumnal.

Her yarns never split and are they glide across the needles effortlessly, plus they make a cosy warm project whether it's a sweater or a throw rug. The colour palette is gorgeous and whenever I see her yarns, I stockpile them for future projects.

The beauty of this design is that you could literally choose any combination or knit the sweater in one colour only, and you'd have a gorgeous new wearable for the season.

Even though knitting was the first craft my mum taught me, I'm not a proficient knitter and I do struggle. The familiar click clack of the needles is comforting, and it takes me back to cold winter nights knitting and watching television with mum or knitting colourful squares with my nan.

It's a comfort craft and it binds me to those amazing knitters in my family. It's also a craft I can do at night as hubby and I wind down after a busy day. 

Quilting takes me into another room of the house, but yarn crafts keep me connected with the family and they're great projects to pack for road trips or relaxing days with crafty friends.

Alexandra's pattern is very easy to follow, and the sweater is quite boxy, so construction is simple and there's not a lot of shaping to get your head around. Her directions are clear and concise, and she always makes her projects enjoyable and achievable.

The Easton Striped Pullover is simple stocking stitch and because the yarn is super chunky, it works up very quickly which is satisfying.

My biggest struggle is sewing the seams neatly and because of the stripes I wanted a seamless finish. I followed Cheryl Brunett's tutorial HERE and the result was so satisfying.

I used different yarn colours for the first version of the Easton Striped Pullover and it was one of my favorite sweaters last year. 

I wore this sweater on our antiquing trip last weekend and when we stopped for coffee, the lady asked me where I'd purchased my lovely sweater! I was chuffed and very proud to tell her I'd knitted it myself and directed her to the pattern.

I hope you try the Easton Striped Pullover for yourself. It makes a gorgeous sweater and one I think you could make over and over in different colours.

Have fun! :)


Happy knitting :)

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