Quilting 101 - Who Do You Inspire?

We all know some very inspiring people. They bring out the best in us and give us the confidence to pursue our creative life. But have you ever wondered, who do you inspire?

When I was a child, the important influences in my life inspired me to knit, garden, embroider, bake, crochet, read, cross stitch, sew and create things that never existed before. As an adult, the internet inspired me to paint, bullet journal, live seasonally, DIY home projects, bake bread, press flowers, make my own greeting cards etc. etc.

People have always shared and nurtured one another in their creative journeys and what was once passed down from generation to generation within closeknit families, is now shared online for everyone to enjoy. These talented makers influence our creativity and inspire us with honest accounts of their experiences and genuine enthusiasm for their passions.

But have you ever wondered, who do you inspire in your creative journey?

Let's chat!

Inspiring others is one of the most powerful things you can do. Your passion motivates and encourages those close to you, unlocking their true potential and allowing them to achieve far more than they could ever dream possible. 

It's a positive impact in a world that feels so unbalanced and unsteady, and because the internet connects us, we've become a large community which shares experiences and knowledge, highlights successes and failures, and proves that determination and perseverance prevails. 

Your quilting journey may not inspire others to start quilting, but your enthusiasm and dedication to your craft will be an inspiring light guiding them to pursue their own path of creativity. Your attention to detail, patience, willingness to develop new skills and your joy and excitement will raise their self-belief and impact their self-confidence.

We share online, yet we're not always aware we are inspiring the people close to us - someone is always watching and they're absorbing what you create, your processes and your enthusiasm.

The first time I ever saw someone making a quilt was when a co-worker brought her tiny pieces of cut fabric and thread into the lunchroom and I watched her quilt grow. I'd think I want to do that, but it wasn't until many years later when I decided our daughter needed a quilt, that I tried.

I'm sure my mother never imagined the things she created out of necessity when I was growing up, would have such an impact and inspire the creative life I live now.  And even though my grandfather let me help in the garden, I doubt he expected it would start a passion of growing, seed collection, propagation, preserving and enjoying nature as much as I do.

When people witness the joy creating brings to your life, they feel inspired and capable of creating themselves.

Why inspiring others is so powerful.

You may take your skills and knowledge for granted, but let's take a look at the powerful impact they can have on others:

1. Encouragement

When we inspire others, we help them see their own worth and true potential. We boost their confidence and self-esteem and encourage them to pursue a creative life where they can grow. We offer them knowledge, experience and examples of what they too can achieve.

2. Let's Play!

We remind others to play! Playing is just as important for adults as it is for children. It relieves stress, boosts our mental health, makes us appreciate our beautiful world and approach life with joy and excitement. We don't have to take life too seriously - we can fail and try again, make mistakes and embrace them, and develop lifelong skills at our own pace. This teaches others to create with freedom and confidence.

3. Innovation & Advancement

Our creativity can encourage others to think outside of the box and be the leading force behind new techniques and creative advancement. There is no limit to what any of us can create and people will always discover quicker methods, clever designs and be the innovators of new tools to make our creative lives easier.

4. The Best You!

Inspiring others brings the best out in you! Knowing you have positively impacted someone's creative journey is an amazing feeling and it literally warms your soul. It's hard to express how incredibly proud I feel when I see what you create with my patterns - I'm blessed to have played such a small part in your creative life.

5. Community

It can create positive change in our community as people share knowledge and support others in their own journeys. Skill sharing will be extended to future generations and as those who craft always navigate towards others who craft, they will create even more inspiring, safe and supportive groups to share, grow and learn.

6. Growth & Learning

It promotes a culture of personal growth and the value of learning. We inspire others to seek knowledge, gain new skills, develop personally and improve and fulfill their lives creatively. It moves people out of their comfort zone and offers success and a sense of worth and accomplishment.

7. Positive Support

It can change people's lives! As we struggle and navigate the world we live in now, the creative world offers enthusiasm, positivity, honesty, ambition and faith that anything is possible. Creating connects us with likeminded people and helps ease depression, anxiety, loneliness and low self-esteem.

8. Our Legacy

We create our own legacy! When we pass from this world, our home, cars and personal items will be sold, donated or disposed of, but our knowledge and skills will be gifted to future generations. What was taught to us by parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbours, co-workers and friends will live on and become part of our legacies.

Inspire and encourage.

Enthusiasm is contagious and when you're passionate about your craft, you never fail to inspire those around you. We all strive to be good examples who are worthy of being emulated, so here's a few ways you can inspire and encourage others.

  •  Let them take a genuine interest in what you are doing! When they ask questions, be open and honest and explain your project in detail. For many years, people would ask me what I did for a living, and I'd downplay it, not from embarrassment but because people didn't get it.  Now I share with enthusiasm and even if they still don't get it, they know I'm living my best life.
  • Nurture that interest! Invite them to come sew with you or join your sewing group. Be a nurturer and guide them on their journey.  Encourage and support as much as you can!
  • Involve people in your decision making! Everyone loves to share their input or perspective on a quilt and varying opinions help you grow as a creative as well. Being part of your passion, ignites their own.
  • People often ask, "is there anything you can not do?" and yes, there is quite a lot actually, but I never let it stop me from trying anything. The people who inspire me the most are the ones who share honest experiences. Their creative lives are not perfect Instagram worthy lives but a genuine account of what they create. Remember, we learn just as much from failures as we do from successes.
  • Take children with you to craft shops, workshops, quilt shows and retreats, and your weekly craft groups. They are the next generation of creatives and involving them at a young age allows them to discover their passions and live a creative life - and stay away from technology! Their inspiration will come from multiple sources, and they will pass on what they learn.
  • If it's not positive, don't say it! Be the motivator that believes anything is possible! I taught a sampler quilt class many years ago, and some of the fabric combinations the quilters choose were not to my taste BUT when the class was over, everyone's quilt was gorgeous, and their happiness said it all. Obviously, I could not see their vision in the beginning and their results reminded me to play with freedom.
  • Keep a record of your quilting journey! I think this is an important point to consider. We all choose a pattern, fabrics and a quilting design for a reason. Maybe the colours spark a happy memory or the pattern represents something personal to you. Record your thoughts and record your inspiration. I created The Ultimate Quilt Journal as a way to record my quilts and it's available in my Etsy shop as an instant download.
  • Share your work! Start your own blog, share on social media, enter a quilt show, do whatever feels comfortable to you and share you work with others! Be brave!

Leave a legacy.

I often wish I'd paid more attention to the older generations as they talked about their passions and their creative journeys. They shared valuable information that is now lost to me because at the time I was young and thought I knew everything anyway.

A few years ago, I started a journal for each of the four seasons, plus Christmas and Easter, and I record every pattern I use, recipe I cook, garden layout I plan, facts I discover, quotes I love or every valuable skill I think might be useful to know. There's no order to the pages, just random tidbits, fun facts and valuable information that I leave for future generations.

Maybe these journals will help my children, my grandchildren or great great great grandchildren further in the future, but what I truly hope is that they inspire them to use every single day as a day to create something beautiful!

Everyone's creative journey is unique, and our inspiration comes from multiple sources, but don't forget that you are inspiring as well - people admire your talent, your determination, your passion and the projects you create.  

Imagine if you could change just one person's life by sharing with them a craft that brings you the most happiness. 

So, tell me lovely, who do you inspire?


Happy quilting :)


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