Its addicted to quilting!!! this is probably not a "newsflash" but this week has really left me desperately wanting to i did!!! I was at work yesterday, fantasizing about fabrics and colour combinations, the humm of the sewing machine and the joy of working with my hands......i was wishing i was home sewing so as soon as dinner and baths and schoolbag packing was finished, i sewed......wohooo!!! therapy of choice.....SBS blocks!!!:

Swamp Patch and Friendship Star

A small step in the right direction........therapy was working!!! So i took the kids to school this morning and headed off to work........only to feel the "pangs" again (even more severe!!! lol) was horrible, absolutley horrible (even it being payday didnt help!!!) body was working, my mind was dreaming of quilting, so after dinner i "needed more therapy".......i made progress, 2 more SBS blocks!!!:

Cross and Crown and Childrens Delight

How much better am I starting to feel???........well the next 4 days i have off from work.......i think i will continue my "therapy" (cause its working lol) in between finally finishing this bedroom, celebrating Mothers Day and spending as much time as i can with my loved ones!!!!

And Anne, u may notice i have moved on to the second row of the SBS quilt without finishing the last one on the first row (Tennesse)......but i needed my therapy to work quickly lol ill tackle that one later!!!!

My name is a quilting addict, its been 30 mins since my last block........and i feel good!!!!!
Rose xxx


  1. Tjihihi!!! Nice to know another quilting junkie :o) How wonderful! I love your blocks, Rose! Can hardly wait to see the quilt coming together.

    And you are right, they are therapeutic, as well as addictive! No bad feelings over the skipped "Tennesee", and I don't blame you - I have a feeling that will be the last block I do... It is definitely not a therapy block!

    Take care! And have lots of fun with your family this weekend as well as getting some sewing done! Quilty hugs!!!

  2. I bet you do ! Quilting is the best therapy, and your blocks are fantastic !
    Enjoy !
    Hugs & smiles,

  3. Oops ! Forgot to ask : what the meaning of "SBS" ?
    ("Small blocks surprise" ? LOL)... Seriously, I never heard that name before...

  4. Well you know Rose the first step to dealing with an addiction is to acknowledge that you have a problem......

    Well I don't see a problem here at all,LOL
    You keep right on quilting and loving every minute of it my friend!!

    My name is Leigh and I too am a quiltoholic heee hee

  5. We have the best addiction of them all I think! I, too, have a very difficult time concentrating at work as all I want is to be home with my fabrics, stitching up a storm.


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