Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 35

This weeks lovely block is Bird's Nest. This block is a little more challenging than the ones we have made over the last few weeks, but it is definitely worth the effort and I've included a few diagrams to help you along the way.
I love the rows of on point squares in this one, but if you don't feel like making these, you could substitute solid strips instead; I have included the cutting requirements for this option as well, if that's the variation you choose.
Regardless of which version, I'm sure you will love this gorgeous block as much as I do and it's going to be another beauty for our samplers.
To download this weeks free pattern, just visit HERE.
Happy sewing :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Golden Syrup Dumplings

Comfort food generally reflects an emotional or nostalgic feeling to its consumer. It is often high in carbohydrates and very easy to prepare, largely because we crave that quick fix. Personally, anything with golden syrup fits my comfort food bill perfectly :)
Combining that thick, sweet, amber coloured sugar syrup with some light and fluffy dumplings reminds me of those cold winter nights when I was a child. Mum rarely made desserts, so this was a welcome treat, and always devoured enthusiastically :)
These little morsels of sweetness, warm the soul and are a wonderful, quick dessert to make and share with the family, plus the cooking aromas are amazing :) Serve them simply with some thickened cream or ice cream and I guarantee they will give you all the comfort you need, this winter.
To download the recipe for my Golden Syrup Dumplings, just visit HERE.
If you enjoy these, you might also like to try the recipe for my Golden Syrup Pudding which is a part of my Threadbare Ezine Issue Three (and available in my store HERE).
Happy baking :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Free July Calendar

It's hard to believe that we are almost half way through 2015 but a new month is almost here and its time for your free July Calendar:
The trees are bare, the gardens are wet and lifeless (or frosted over) and winter really makes me miss the sights and sounds of a lovely flourishing garden.  I find that decorating the home with flowers and garden inspired quilts, brings that Spring/Summer feel to our surroundings as we hibernate :)
This months featured quilt is my table runner pattern When Doves Fly. This little runner brightens our table with its pretty applique and simple piecing.
From today until the end of July, PDF patterns of my When Doves Fly table runner pattern will be available for the discount price of $4.95 in my shop HERE.
To download your free July calendar, just visit HERE.
Whether you are enjoying the sights and sounds of the garden in the warmer climates or adding them to your home in the cooler parts of the world, I hope July is a wonderful month for you and your family :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 34

This weeks block is Silver Maple. I love this block and I think its a lovely representation of the gorgeous Silver Maple tree (Acer saccharinum). It is quite simple in design but you can imagine the shimmering leaves blowing in a soft breeze.
The tree is a fast growing deciduous tree, native to eastern North America, in the eastern United States and Canada. It is often found along waterways and in wet lands and is also referred to as the "creek maple", "river maple" or "water maple".
This is a lovely block to sew and is easily constructed using some quick kitty corners instead of templates and some basic rectangles and squares.
I hope you enjoy this block as well. To download this weeks free pattern, just visit HERE.
Happy sewing :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sophie- Parts, 11, 12 and 13

The nights (and days) have been cold or wet, so its been the perfect excuse to work on my Sophie blanket and snuggle under its growing progress:
Part 11 went together quite quickly, with the beginnings of these lovely corner flowers. It was the first step in my blanket becoming square again, in preparation for the final borders.
In Part 12, the corners were increased and there was the addition of some zig zag hills on each side which add a little more texture and interest to the blanket. With only four rows, this part was quite quick and painless, to crochet.
And here's where I am at the moment at the end of Part 13. Sophie is square again (or will be when it is blocked properly) and I'm ready to start the butterfly border which I have been really looking forward too.
It is quite large already so it will be a generous size with the addition of the final parts. I'm extremely proud of my progress on this project, as I was unsure of my ability to actually crochet this but every row has been an absolute joy and I have surprised myself with what I have been able to achieve.
Back to the hook :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 33

This weeks lovely block is Home Grown and I think I love its name just as much as I love the way it looks. To me, home grown means something produced and nurtured with love and patience, just like all of our lovely blocks.
I resisted the urge to add more to this one, as I think its super sweet as it is and it will be another great addition to our quilts.
Star blocks are very traditional in samplers, and even though there are so many lovely designs to chose from, I've yet to find one I don't love :) I hope you enjoy this one too.
To download this weeks free pattern, just visit HERE.
Happy sewing :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Woolly Winter Warmers

The successful progress of my Sophie blanket, has given my the confidence to explore some other crocheting patterns, which are both practical and wearable during these cold winter months. I have made scarves and mittens in the past, so I scoured Pinterest for some new inspiration:
I found this lovely slouch hat pattern and decided it would be a perfect place to start. It's a quick and easy pattern which can be completed within a few hours and the wool I chose, holds its shape perfectly. It is such a warm and snugly hat and will protect against those cold winter elements.
It fits perfectly too, which means my wool ply/hook size was correct, which is always great. We generally don't wear winter hats but when they are this pretty, I can see I will be making a few more of these for Maddi and myself :)
The free pattern can be found HERE, if you are interested.
The second project I found is this gorgeous "Sidewalks Shawl" by Debbie Stoller. I love the cosy look of this shawl and the pattern is just so pretty and very easy to follow. So far I have finished the first pattern repeat and I'm in love.
I chose some beautiful soft Heartland wool for this one and I'm hoping it will drape well as it grows into a shawl.
The free pattern for this one can be found HERE.
Both patterns are lovely and its great to be creating some wearable projects to keep us toasty and warm this winter :)
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