Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog Hop With A Difference

I've really enjoyed getting to know other bloggers who have participated in the "Blog Hop With A Difference" over the last few weeks. The purpose of this blog hop is for each blogger to tell their readers a little more about their creative life. I was tagged by the very talented Leanne of Lizzie the Quilter, so today its my turn to share more about my story and then pass the baton on to three more bloggers.
Hi, I'm Rose and I have been designing for eight years under the business name "Threadbare Creations":
And these three "crazy" people are the very reason I live, breathe and do every single thing that I do:
My wonderful husband Les, my gorgeous daughter Madeline and my cute and cuddly son Cohen. They are my motivation, my inspiration, my passion and my three true loves :)

So onto the questions......there are a few different questions being answered by bloggers, so I chose the ones that help tell more about my story and me.
How did you come up with your business name?
My mother is very "house proud" and growing up meant once the beds were made, there was no sitting on them (for any reason), our lounge room was only used on special occasions and you could only cook at mealtimes, to avoid messing up the kitchen. While I like to keep things clean, we live in our home and around the time I started designing, we were in desperate need of a new lounge suite; ours was threadbare :). It had been sat on, played on, endured countless drink and food spills, had doubled as a sick bed and a midnight refuge from hubby's snoring; it was a great place to hide Lego, Matchbox cars and the occasional Barbie head at cleanup time; a gathering place for stories and family photos, a fort, a boat, a name it, it suffered every bit of everyday living we could throw at it. But most of all, it was well loved.  I wanted to design projects that were practical, would be used often, would give comfort and be treasured and loved until they were threadbare......and that's how "Threadbare Creations" came to be.
What are you working on right now?
Currently I'm finishing a lovely magazine project, I'm working on ezine projects for Issue 5, I've started cutting a new quilt design and I'm working on a free pattern for the blog.........and its a stitchery; I haven't stitched in so long so its a real treat for me :) Stay tuned for that one. And I'm crocheting another afghan for Madeline's room.
How long does it take to create a project?
The time I spend on a design varies. I enjoy each and every part of the process (ok maybe not basting!!) It's a "labour of love" and I like to take my time, see how the fabrics work together and try a few different options until I'm happy with the end result. I quilt all my own designs on my domestic, so this adds to the finishing time. I have only had one design custom quilted and although it looked lovely, I felt disconnected.....I prefer to be hands on throughout the entire process and my FMQ skills are developing because of it :)
What are my favorite things to create with?
Fabric, definitely! I love pieced projects (the more pieces the better) and I love giving more depth to a design with applique. But I also have an addiction to buttons and ribbons/trims which I do love using in smaller projects.
How does my creative process work?
Some designs I plan/draw/draft fully before I get to work but most of the time designs begin with a vague idea and then they evolve on my studio floor as I work. I like to challenge myself and incorporate different techniques; some work and some don't. I am the absolute worst at Maths, so designs change because I haven't worked things out properly at the beginning, but for me, that's all part of the process.
How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
I find inspiration everywhere.....I brought a scarf the other day and saw a quilt design within its pattern. Most of my designs are inspired from sights, sounds and smells which have conjured up a childhood memory. Quotes are another form of inspiration for me and in any room of our home, you will find some mantra to remind you to enjoy the important things in life.  And the many talented, wonderful people sharing what they do and whats important to them :)
What would you be doing if you weren't designing?
Writing the great novel...........during my teenage years, my English teacher Libby, was a HUGE influence in my life. She introduced me to all the classic novelists/poets/playwrights and encouraged and guided my own writing style. In her free time, she would take me to weekly writing meetings (Tasmanian Fellowship of Australian Writers) and was in the audience when I won my first award. I had my first short story published at 14 and its still a passion of mine to one day, write that novel.
Favorite time of the day?
Dinner time :) Between work, University study, school and after school activities, social lives and our own various independent interests, the dinner table is the place where we "catch up" and share our days. Accomplishments are commended, ideas are discussed, burdens are shared and there's lots of chatter and laughter.......lots, we are very loud!!! :)
So that's a little more about my creative life and what inspires me. Now I have to pass the baton on to three more bloggers so they can share their own story. I tag the very lovely:
     Tara from Tazzie Quilts
Vicki from The Pickledish Patch
and Pauline from Calico Crossroads

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty Fabrics

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I'm working on a magazine project at the moment and I'm using the remainder of the gorgeous Primrose Sands fabrics, which Helen Stubbings so kindly sent for me to play with:
All cut and ready to be sewn into a very pretty project. That's all I can show at the moment but it will be published towards the end of the year....cant wait to share!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Free September Calendar

It's hard to believe its almost September, where has this year gone?? Well, its time for your new free calendar:
In Australia, Spring is definitely in the air :) Gorgeous bursts of colour are popping up all over the city, and are welcoming signs of warmer weather on the way. The days are longer, the sunshine more frequent and its a time for new plans, new projects and new beginnings.
We have great plans for this Spring. Our front garden was excavated at the end of Autumn, removing all the old garden beds and plants and now its time to replant and inject some colour and fragrance into our garden :) Our sunroom is next on our (never ending) renovation list, so with a new roof, its time for new flooring, paintwork and decoration so we can enjoy it (instead of using it for storage, like we have been over winter). Quite enough to keep us busy while we are full of Spring motivation :)
There's lots happening in my studio at the moment, as well.....a magazine project (for later in the year), a free pattern (coming to the blog very soon) and a new quilt design using these gorgeous "Sidewalks" fabrics:
I love these fabrics and have been saving them for this design. The layout is a little different to my other borders!!! I do love framing a design with pretty borders but not this time.
A HUGE thank you to all who have purchased Asteria. I'm hoping to see some of these quilts, so if you use Instagram, be sure to tag them #threadbarecreations and I can have a look :) Or email me some pictures and with your permission, I'll share them on here.
To download and print your September calendar, just visit HERE.
I hope September is a wonderful month for you and your family.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


After lots of sneaky peeks, I am thrilled to finally introduce my new quilt design, Asteria:
I really love this quilt; its so pretty and the "Primrose Sands" fabrics by Helen Stubbings made working on this quilt such a pleasure.  I fell in love with these fabrics as soon as I saw them on Instagram and when Helen so kindly offered some for me to play with, I really wanted to design a quilt that showcased just how beautiful they were; I think I achieved my goal :)
In Greek Mythology, Asteria was the Goddess of the oracles and prophecies of night; prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars and necromancy. It was believed that she was pursued by the God, Zeus and to escape his embrace, she transformed into a quail and then threw herself into the ocean, metamorphosing into the island "Asteria" (an island which had fallen from heaven like a star); which was later named Delos. I think the name Asteria, suits this quilt perfectly and I can imagine having wonderful dreams, snuggled up under a quilt full of stars :)
Here's a close up of the quilting:
I do love these free motion flowers, they give the quilt a lovely texture. I found the tutorial for this FMQ design at The Inbox Jaunt ( if your looking for new techniques to try on your domestic machine, go and have a look, she has some wonderful, easy tutorials).
Asteria is a very generous size, approx. 64" x 88" so it would be perfect as a single bed quilt or as a lovely throw quilt to share with a loved one :)
Photo shoots are always fun to do (although Maddi tends to take more pictures of me than the actual quilt) and we chose the City Park as our location for this shoot. There's very little "prettiness" around this time of year but Asteria seemed to brighten the day of other park goers, as they stopped to chat, ask questions and admire the quilt, while we took photos :)
Asteria is available now to purchase, in my shop HERE, as a PDF file ($8.95 AU) and as a paper pattern ($9.95 AU plus postage).
I hope you love this quilt as much as I do :) It is a lovely addition to my pattern range :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

For my Ezine Readers.....

Due to some unexpected (and exciting) personal and business opportunities, which I really want to pursue, I have had to make a change to the order of my Ezines for 2014. Issue Five was originally planned to "Celebrate October and November" and was due to be released early next month. Time restraints are a problem for everyone and I wouldn't be comfortable, releasing something that had not received my full attention and dedication.
So, with that being said,  Issue Five is changing and will now be celebrating "December and January". It will be released early November and I will revisit my Oct/Nov Ezine later next year to complete the set.
I do apologise but I'm sure you understand the work involved to produce each of the ezines and how important it is to me to make sure each issue is jam packed with diverse projects and inspiration that are useful in our everyday lives.
At the moment, I'm finishing up the quilting on my new design Asteria:
I'm sooooo in love with this quilt and cant wait to share it with you. Its taken me a little longer than hoped, to finish the quilting but its been so worth the effort. Asteria should be released in the next few days and then its straight on to a new design, which I'm equally excited about :) More on that later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's A Quilt Top :)

I have a new quilt design, Asteria on the way and I've spent the last few days putting all of the components together to construct the quilt top:
Normally when I design a new quilt, I begin with a clean studio floor and a "vague" idea of what I'm hoping to achieve and it generally evolves/changes as I sew. With Asteria I had already structured, on paper, the exact design and colour layout, so it was really exciting to finally lay out all the components and see the quilt come to life:
I have loved working with these beautiful Primrose Sands fabrics from Helen Stubbings. It's really hard to pick a favorite, they are all so lovely and the colours are simply gorgeous :)
This afternoon I finished the quilt top and its all ready for basting:
While I baste, I'll decide on how to quilt it but I'm leaning towards my FMQ flowers as there is quite a lot of negative space to show off the quilting. Can't wait to fully share Asteria with you, its such a pretty quilt :)
Off to baste!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woolly Winter Warmers

During the winter months, the wool comes out and my nights are spent either knitting or crocheting.  I shared a picture a few months back of some Sunburst Granny Squares I had started:
It was slow progress but finally my afghan is complete and its become a lovely addition to our lounge room:
I love the scalloped edge, its give the afghan a lovely, soft finish. Its so warm and snuggly and its become a firm favorite with our cat, who seems to have claimed it as her own :) :
I had a few balls of wool left over so I decided to make a couple of crocheted scarves for Maddi and I:
These were very quick and easy and I sewed the ends together to make them snoods. A really fun project and a great way to use any leftover wool. I found the free pattern for the scarf, here.
I'm not the only one who has been busy crocheting. Annie, a very dear friend of mine made this lovely afghan as a present for her workmate:
Its gorgeous and the lucky recipient loooooved it :) Perfect for these long, cold, wet Tasmanian winters :)