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Its been a 4 day weekend here and of course things didnt go to plan, but thats life!!! (My studio???....can someone please give me directions to it lol!) My MIL (who is 83 and I love dearly) has been very ill with a chest infection, so we moved her into our home, with us. Now the elderly can, at times, be more demanding than children, so i tried to get a bit of stitching in, while she dozed on and off:

But unfortunately she got worse and had to be taken to hospital late Saturday night. Her infection turned to pneumonia and she had an enlarged thyroid which is causing problems. In the hours it took, from the ambulance arriving, to her finally being admitted (and Im talking a lot of hours...about 10) i finished the second block of my tablerunner:

The third one, i drafted and began stitching today. My MIL is improving rapidly, due to IV antibiotics and will be home from hospital very soon. It was a very scary and worrying time for us and this was not eased by the attitude of the ambulance drivers or the current "nursing strike" that has hit our local hospitals. I understand their reasons but this should not come at the cost of public health!!!

The hand of friendship reached out this week to myself and to Maddi. Anne Ida sent us a "fun mail" package from Norway:

She sent Maddi some "Hello Kitty" fabric to make a makeup purse (including the pattern which was in Norwegian and she had translated the important bits to English.....thats because my Norwegian is dodgey lol), a 3 Part story from Jennifer for me to read (and i loved it sweetie!!), some licorice (my favorite and this is devine) and some Norwegian Chocolate........now im not a chocolate addict but this would have to be the best chocolate i have ever tasted (how can i ship this to Tasmania??? lol).....Thank u soooooo much Anne Ida, with all the worry with Mum ur parcel made us smile and feel sooooo special!!!

With a small window of time to myself, i wandered around the garden, looking for those Spring changes and found that where once was bloosom, now they r apples in the making:

The trees r loaded with them this year. Its time to get out the recipe books and search for some new and inventive ways to serve up the crop this year. I just love the smell of cooked apple throughout the house, toss in some cinnamon and im in heaven.

Hope u all had a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Gosh, what a harrowing weekend for you. I hope your Mother in law gets well soon.

  2. Hope your MIL will get better soon. I love your new design. You will love making this makeupbag from the norwegian pattern. Ihave made several and they are very easy to make.

  3. I can so relate to your mother, after battle double pneumonia myself the last two weeks. Your designs are lovely. Thanks for sharing them. I will keep your MIL in my prayers.

  4. The stitchery looks great!!! This project is so pretty!

    Look forward to seeing Maddi's make-up bag! Hope she and you will have fun making it!

    Happy you found some time to spend in the garden!

  5. I really like the design your working on. The colors are so pretty. I'm sorry to hear your MIL has been so ill. My MIL is 87 and she goes through several bouts of pneumonia every winter. Each time we hold our breath praying that she will come out of it. She is so fortunate to have you and your husband to take such wonderful care of her. Have fun with the make up bag!

  6. I hope your MIL is better soon. I love the stitcheries you are making. I can't wait to see the finished table runner.

  7. Rose what a stressful weekend you must have had, bit what a blessing Anne's parcel must have been. Your stitchery design is gorgeous. I do hope you'll share with us where we can purchase it once it's been released.

  8. Healing to your mother in law.

    Your post was lovely, eloquent, beautiful to read, exceptionally written. It drew me into your world. A moment of gratitude for life's beauty.

    With Appreciation, *karendianne.

  9. I know your concern about your mother (I understand that's MIL?). Hope she'll recover soon! I lost my father 4 months ago, and I miss him a lot. I go to see my mother once a week (1 hour away), and that's nice.
    Look at my blog, I just made this purse yesterday (the little one). Your stiching is perfect, I think! Do you work on your SBS?

  10. Sorry, I just learned that MIL means mother in law. But I guess she's "close" to you as well...

  11. I'm so glad your MIL is getting better! It's scary for anyone, but especially for the elderly. Your stitchery looks great, in spite of the stress under which you were stitching! I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

  12. How is your MIL doing? Hope she is getting better. And I hope you find some time to take care of yourself. Your stitcheries are beautiful! Look forward to the rest!

  13. Oh boy - it sounds like quite the weekend. I hope your mother in law is recovered now. The stitcheries are really pretty! Nice to be able to have something to work on while you are waiting around and can't do anything else.

  14. Rose, so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I hope she is OK now. It's horrible for everyone but especially the elderly to have to worry about health care. Will she be living with you now or going back to her own home?


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