Monday, March 26, 2007

Angels Complete

Ta dah!!!.....The Angel Quilt is complete:

Bindings finally got finished last nite before bed and now another major UFO bites the dust for 2007!!! I am really happy with it and sooooooo glad i perserved and finished it. It still doesnt currently have a permanent home, but it is folded up at the end of our bed on the blanket box until i do a bit of rearranging.

Work again for me today (tomorrow i get a day off!!!) but i did manage to sew 4 loggies and i have to admit........i couldnt wait any longer, i just had to sew some of them together!!!......i made one block of 16 and it is now pinned to my display board for inspiration (and also to show visitors what im currently working on........looks better than a basket of blocks!!!) It was quite therapeutic after such a busy day, to be sewing, Maddi was at my desk doing her homework and Cohen was sitting on the floor cutting out paper (good fine motor skills practise!!!) while hubby spent some "well earned" alone time at the computer after a hectic and tiring day. All in all, im thinking this sewing room has worked out well!!!

One more goal for March to go.......but not sure ill make the deadline.......but ill go close!!!

Happy quilting.


  1. Rose, congratulations on finishing the Angels quilt! It looks wonderful!!! Give yourself a nice pat on the back for me :o) And yet again: I want to make one! - Yes, I have the pattern and I suppose I have the fabric as well if i see through my stash, but sooo little time... Fingers crossed you'll have Treadbare pattern #4 ready before April!

  2. Congratulations, Rose! The quilt is absolutely beautiful. :o)

  3. My kind of colors--- I love this quilt. It's nice when everyone gets time alone and time together. Everyone needs it.

  4. beautiful quilt. i love the angels

  5. The quilt looks beautiful. Lucky you going to the craft fair.We were going to Hobart on that weekend for my son's cricket but our trip has been cancelled now. I hadn't even realised the craft fair was on.

  6. Oh what a gorgious quilt...Congrats on finishing it. I love the angels.

  7. The Angel quilt looks great!


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