Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Design

Its always exciting when you start a new design; bringing an idea to life!

I have been working hard on the new BOM and I just needed to step back and work on something new for why not something for Xmas?? It is a real stretch for me to do Redwork (considering, red is not a favorite colour of mine!) but Im really enjoying it.

Something else I forgot to share from the Summer Garden Workshop.....Sally gave each of the designers one of these gorgeous Uncle Ben's Bears, as a gift:

Her name is Bronte and I just love her. She sits proudly in my studio, watching me create!


  1. Hi Rose. I adore redwork so can't wait to see more of your new design. I also love bears - brought a few home from Melbourne at the weekend. Bronte is very sweet.

  2. Beautiful stitches--- I'm totally envious... Oh well, I'll keep practicing....

  3. Beautiful bears and stitcheri.
    Have a nice day from Norway:-)

  4. Love the little sneek peek, sweetie! It will be so cute! :o) Take care, biiig hugs!

  5. Hello Rose! Congratulations for your wonderful blog.
    Thank you sooooooo much for "Roman", my snowman! It is wonderful and I am very proud to have it.
    XX Smaranda

  6. Rose,
    I am just learning embroidery. I loved your red stitches. Would you mind telling me what stitch this is. This might sound like a silly question, but remember I am just learning. LOL I hope some day my stitches look as neat as yours.

  7. Woohoo a new design...I can't wait to see it, my favourite colour is RED and I love redwork.

  8. Your BOM looks great - I just adore redwork. The bear is sweet.

  9. Hello
    I've just discovered your blog and love it! I take it your bom Tender Moments hasn't been released yet. I'd love to know when it's coming out and how I'll be able to purchse it (I live in Canada) Would you by chance be putting it out on pdf for download?

  10. Your backstitching looks so neat and tidy! This is a stitch I hardly ever used until recently, so I have a long way to go to make mine look that nice. =) I always used outline stitch.

  11. Your stitches are so pretty and even - I'm jealous!


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