Summer Commission

I have just finished and posted off a summer project for Australian Country Threads magazine. I can only show a sneak peek for now but I cant wait to share this with is gorgeous and when I get the sample back, it will live on my blanket box in the bedroom (thats if Jules doesnt steal it lol).

Ive used the gorgeous Natures Chorus fabrics again, they are just beautiful and were perfect for a summer project.

It was difficult trying to think "summer" as its so cold and miserable here but it sure did brighten up my days and my studio!!! There is a little glimmer of hope that Spring is on the way. The trees are all full of blossom and the bulbs are being to flower:

I love Jonquils, much prefer them to daffodils!!! These are growing in a big tub in the patio with my Sweet Peas, which are yet to flower.

And in the window boxes are the Primulas.....these are a terrific hardy winter flower which brighten up those dark wet days!! Roll on Spring, Im sooooo over Winter!!!!


  1. I am with you Rose. Enough with the winter thing. Bring out the sunshine.


  2. I like what I'm seeing...look forward to seeing more!

  3. I'm so over winter, I need good dose of Vitamin D! Your new project loks very pretty, love the pinwheels :-)

  4. Jules will have to fight me for it whatever it is cause I like the look of it too.

  5. Oh your sneek peak looks soo pretty. And your flowers are so pretty, funny how you go into spring while we're heading into fall...

  6. So do you do all that embroidery by hand?
    It looks like a lovely quilt...can't wait until we can see it all.

    We've had a very cool wet summer here in New York....I feel like we didn't get any summer at all and its nearly over!

    Happy Sewing

  7. I am so looking forward to the spring sunshine. Nature's Chorus is so pretty and the project looks gorgeous !


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