The last few years have been a rollercoaster of changes for our family, some fantastic and enriching our lives, others that have really knocked the wind from our sails.  The "good changes" have filtered throughout our home and lives and has now moved on to my little business.

After a huge (and realistic) cleanout and reorganisation of my studio, Im ready for the new exciting ideas I have to share.

Firstly "Threadbare Creations" has a new logo:

Sweet and simple and showcasing my love for aqua and gray at the moment. My blog has also had a fresh update and Ive also been working hard to convert and update my patterns to PDF format.  This will be a new option for anyone looking to purchase my patterns and I am selling them in my new store here

Of course the paper versions of all my patterns can still be found from the wonderful and supportive retail outlets listed on the tab at the top of my page "Buy My Patterns".

Currently Im working on a new design and Im loving how this is coming along.  Gorgeous fabrics (Happy Go Lucky) and some lovely applique have made this a joy to work on. Heres a sneak peek:

Im very eager to get this finished as I have another exciting new design ready to start.  This will be a fully pieced quilt, using some templates and basic rotary cutting.  I have sewed a "test block" and this quilt is going to be gorgeous.  Im using "Scrumptious"  and Ive named it "Fairground".........stay posted! Follow me on Facebook for more regular peeks and updates, and specials in my store etc.


  1. yippee I have found you again...not sure how I lost you...and now have you on FB the new logo and gorgeous fresh colours on your new project, cheers Vickie

  2. Love the new logo, hun! Realy clean and pretty! Hope all is well with all of you! I'll send you a proper e-mail soon. Big hugs xxx


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