Breanna Bunny

Using our hands to create for the special people in our lives, is the greatest gift of all and seeing their face when they receive it, swells our hearts with pride. There's always self satisfaction when you complete a project but nothing compares to watching the joy your handmade gifts brings to others.
I was browsing Pinterest the other day, looking for something Easter inspired to crochet for a gift and I found an adorable bunny pattern which I just had to make. Here's my version of the Breanna Bunny from LeeLee Knits:
I don't usually make softies or toys but this little pattern was too cute not to try and I had a special some "bunny" in mind to gift it to. I struggle with toys because I always doubt myself on how much stuffing is enough but I didn't let this deter me and I got started on my own version of Breanna. Isn't she adorable? And, she's heaps of fun to crochet too :)
She's cuddly and floppy (probably due to me and my stuffing issues) and she finishes at 9" high so she is only little. The pattern is well written, with clear instructions and very easy to follow; if you know how to SC and SC2tog then your pretty much good to go! I strongly suggest using stitch markers though, if you have them, because your working in rounds and if your easily distracted (like me) losing your place can be frustrating.
She's adorable from head to foot and how cute is that little tail? I know the special some "bunny" I'm gifting her to, will absolutely love Breanna :) She's going to be hard to part with so it looks like a trip to the wool shop for some more supplies so I can make one for me too. In the meantime, I'm popping Breanna in a basket with some chocolate eggs and she's all ready to go off to her new home.
If you have a special some "bunny" who would love a handmade gift this Easter, then you can find the free pattern on the LeeLee Knits blog HERE. She has lots of lovely crochet and knitting patterns for kids and newborns, so its well worth a visit.
Breanna the bunny is a great weekend project and she sure will bring a smile to the face of her lucky recipient. I hope you have some "bunny" special in your life too, who will treasure this gift made by you with lots of love ♥
Happy crocheting :)


  1. She is completely adorable and lovable. Lucky some bunny!

  2. it´s very sweet.!!! God work.


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