September- National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month and to celebrate I've decided to do something fun. How about joining me in a 7 Day Mystery Sew Along?
I have a new free pattern and I thought by sharing it as a mystery sew along we could have some fun in an inspiring and supportive environment, as we work together on the same project.
My biggest problem will be keeping the secret. I'm dreadful at secrets but I've strategically planned each part, in hopes our project remains a mystery until Day 7 when I can reveal the finished project .......... fingers crossed because strategy is not my strong point either! :)
So how about we raid our stashes, find a small window of sewing time each day and create something pretty together. I'd love to have you sew along with me :)
I've designed a very simple yet ohhh so sweet project, suited to any level quilter and everyday I'll share detailed written instructions plus a tonne of step by step photos, to help you along the way. If your new to quilting, this project will help you get started. For my seasoned quilters, this project will be relaxed and lots and lots of fun.
First, some basic information. Our finished project measures around 25" square and all you need for the quilt top are two fabrics; a white background fabric and a blue fabric.
Here's my fabric selection and for the record, my white fabric has dots but they do not photograph well in this winter light. Small prints will work the best, so no large florals because they will be lost in the cutting and piecing. Since you don't know what your making, I insist this blue and white combination will work the best but hey feel free to be unique, I'm sure it will be stunning :)
Sound good so far? Great, here's the full list of requirements to complete the entire project:
That's all you need for this mystery project; just that and loads of enthusiasm..... and maybe invite a friend or two to sew with us. The more the merrier :)
So starting Monday, each day for 7 days, I will post one part of this mystery project. Now I know there are people out there who like to be super organised (I'm one of them) so each day I'm also setting a little Homework Assignment. This will be the prep work for the next days sewing and here's the first assignment, due on Monday:
See, nice and easy. You have the next few days to choose your fabrics and prepare for your first sewing day and if you don't have time for homework, that's fine, I'll recap the cutting instructions at the start of each day.
That's all you need to know for now. I'll see you again on Monday with the first installment of our mystery project. I can't wait to get started and if I forget to tell you before we finish, thanks so much for playing along and sewing this project with me :) You guys are amazing :)
Also, if your looking for other projects, pop over to FaveQuilts and AllFreeSewing and check out all the lovely free patterns available there as well. There's plenty of inspiration for a huge month of sewing :)
Cya Monday :)


  1. I am in and I challenged my quilt club to participate too ! :)

  2. I'll play also!!!! Sounds like fun!💙😃

  3. Hi Rose, sounds like fun, I'm in :-)

  4. I'm going to give it a try too 😊

  5. Hi Ladies -

    This sounds like fun Rose, so not having sewn for a while I think I would join in & see what this turns out as.

    Thanks for the idea :)

  6. Interested too, looks sweet. Hoping to stay on track!!


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