Stellar Lamp Mats

The latest issue of Handmade Magazine hit the shelves last week and this month there is a project of mine inside, Stellar Lamp Mats:
A celestial stellar is a double star formation and I tried to capture this stunning phenomenon is these gorgeous octagonal lamp mats. I love sewing little mats to sit under our lamps but you could also use these for a candle display (Earth Hour is Sat. March 24) or for your essential oil burners or just a place to sit your book when your not reading.
The magazine sent me a bundle of the "Indigo Nights" fabric and gave me a couple of weeks to make as many projects as I could. I actually made a tablecloth and a cushion as well, so hopefully we will see them too in the near future, because they are so pretty. The lamp mats were the last project I made and I whipped these up in lightening speed to meet the deadline.
I was a little worried about this bundle at first; the fabrics were gorgeous but there wasn't a lot of contrast to work with. I tried to keep my designs simple and I think they worked well in the end.
The Stellar mats are paper pieced and they go together quickly in eight easy wedges. They would look amazing in any colour/fabric combination and in a couple of weeks I'm going to show you another set I made which also look very pretty. :)
I'm using this blue set in our bedroom and they are sitting under our bedside table lamps. I like to change lamp mats and table toppers regularly as its an instant makeover for any room and it gives me a good excuse to make as many as I want (not that I really need an excuse lol).
So keep an eye out for the new issue of Handmade. There are lots of beautiful and inspiring projects inside to tempt your creative taste buds :)
And hopefully I'll be able to share the other projects I made with this fabric very soon :)
Happy sewing :)


  1. Love them and want to make some. I don't think I have ever seen this magazine for sale around here, but I will look for it now.

    1. Thanks Teresa. I will be able to release the pattern for these three months after publication so stay tuned if you have trouble finding the magazine 😊

  2. Your stellar mats are beautiful

    1. Thank you Rhona. They are pretty and super fun to sew 😊


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