Jacaranda CAL Parts 3, 4, 5 and 6

I've just finished crocheting Part 6 of the Jacaranda CAL and I thought I'd give you a quick update and a little look at my progress:

Its grown a lot since you last saw it and now its squared up; you can read all the details on Parts 1 and 2 HERE. Most nights I pick it up and add a row or two but it has been slow progress. There's so much to concentrate on so its best not to get distracted with the television. The pattern is so well written though, and it feels like Haak Steek (the designer) is right there with you, every step of the way.

Turning a circular project into a square is always fun and I love the squaring corners of this pattern. There's so much detail and yummy texture and it was a lot easier to crochet than it actually looks.
I've been "gently" blocking it at the end of every row and its preventing the centre from bulging. I'll give it a good, final block at the end of Part 11 to ensure everything's straight and that the blanket lays correctly.

Every row adds yet another gorgeous element to this blanket and I'm learning heaps of new techniques as I crochet along. Its a beautiful pattern and I'm really looking forward to working on the rows ahead. You can find all the free patterns for Parts 1-11 over at Ravelry HERE.

I'm in no hurry to complete this project, and I'm enjoying adding the rows at my own pace. I think it might finish a little bigger than the pattern or than I originally thought but that's OK, there will be more to love ♥
The next time you see this, it will be all finished. That may be awhile because I plan on savoring this project for as long as I can. Its rare to find a project that you wish never ends and this Jacaranda CAL is definitely one of them :) Although I noticed she has another pattern available.....the Myriad CAL, hmmmmm!

Happy crocheting :)


  1. hi Rose, I am in a bit of a state with my Jacaranda! where I have to put the 16 pins for the increase, I get 17 pins PLUS 1 stitch EXTRA. I have now undone my work right down to the last time I had to count my stitches and can not find any mistake. I do so wish to complete this blanket! yours, Frances

    1. Hi Frances, that's annoying. I remember at one point mine didn't match the stitch count either (it was only minor so I tweaked it on the next round). All I can suggest is that you visit the designers page on Ravelry. There are step by step videos which might shed some light on your problem. Also try and contact the designer, she would have all the answers. Sorry I cant be of more help :)


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