Jacaranda CAL Parts 1 and 2

My yarn finally arrived after a very long wait so I was able to get back to crocheting the Jacaranda CAL. I've completed Parts 1 and 2 and I thought you might like to take a look:

I'm really loving working on this tablecloth. Every row adds a new element to the piece and its looks amazing; I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm so happy I limited the colour palette to only three yarns (Powder Blue, Latte and Snow) and they're working together so well, giving it a lovely antique feel.

There's lots of gorgeous texture and its all created with simple stitches and a little overlay crochet. The step by step videos are very helpful if you get stuck and the pattern is very well written with lots of photos and clear, concise stitch explanations. I'm finding it very easy to follow along so far.

This CAL has some gorgeous elements; lots of flowers, scallops, eyelet ribbon and can you see the little hearts along the edge in the Latte yarn? They are a little hard to see but fun to crochet.
I'm going to be vigilant and block my piece at regular intervals, which was something I regret not doing when I crocheted Sophie (my centre bulged badly). I'm hoping this will help keep it all flat and square at the end.

I'm in no hurry to finish this one but as I'm crocheting I'm already planning colour combinations for another; I think that's the sign of a good, fun pattern :)
You can find all of the free patterns for the Jacaranda CAL HERE and there are links to all the step by step videos etc. plus a few inspiration photos with gorgeous colour combinations to get you started.
I'm looking forward to adding Part 3 which looks to be the last of the circle before we begin squaring up the piece. Fun!

Happy crocheting :)


  1. I love your version of the CAL. Three colours was a good choice. I think I'll crochet along and only do the round part for a cushion... Thanx for sharing and inspiring...

    1. Oh that would look lovely Annelein 😍 it’s such a pretty pattern and super fun to crochet 😃


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