{Classic Quilt Blocks} Flying Geese - A Modern Flying Geese Mini Quilt!

Classic Quilt Blocks have been sewn for centuries, are easy to recognise and are every quilters favorite. Let's celebrate these gorgeous blocks and add them to our quilting projects!

Welcome to the final week of my Flying Geese Classic Quilt Blocks series. I like to end the month with something fun, so this month I have a modern mini quilt pattern for you full of bright and colourful flying geese.

This mini quilt pattern incorporates modern flying geese in different shapes and sizes, and every colour of the rainbow. Please welcome the gorgeous Colour Wheel to my pattern family.

How stunning and fun is this mini quilt? The elongated flying geese create a wonderful pattern, and the dark and light backgrounds add a secondary star in the middle. This quilt was so fun to put together and you're going to love sewing this one as well.

I love a stunning rainbow solid quilt, but this design would work with any fabric - just make sure you use two background fabrics to create the secondary star.

I used a lighter shade of the rainbow fabrics for the centre star. It draws your eye to the centre of the quilt, and it adds perspective to the design.

Grab your pencils, crayons or markers and design your own colourways using the colouring sheet provided in the PDF pattern - you're only limited by your imagination. Have fun and get creative!

Colour Wheel is a foundation paper pieced pattern that finishes at around 14" square. It looks fiddly and complicated, but it goes together very easily and quickly in eight simple wedges - you can sew this quilt from start to finish in a day!

The PDF pattern includes full sized FPP templates and written instructions and diagrams, and optional instructions for adding a hanging sleeve or corner hangers so you can display your quilt on your mini wall. 

I hope you love Colour Wheel as much as I do. It was a fun way to finish my Flying Geese Classic Quilt Blocks series and it's a wonderful addition to my pattern family.

PDF patterns are now available in my Etsy shop for $5.95 (AU) + taxes where applicable, so if you would like to sew your own version of my Colour Wheel mini quilt, simply click to link below to purchase your copy:

I've had lots of fun sharing the Flying Geese block with you this month. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about this block, sewn a few of the Dutchman's Puzzle block using my tutorial, and been inspired to use this Classic Quilt Block in all your quilting projects.

March is all about preparing for Easter, so next month's Classic Quilt Block will be perfect for the season - there's a big hint there, can you guess?

I hope you join me again for next month's block. The first post goes live Friday March 5 and we're going to have lots of fun looking at this classic block in more detail.

Happy quilting :)
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