I Heart a Granny Square

There's nothing sweeter than a simple granny square but add a cute heart to the centre and it's perfect for all your Valentine's Day projects!

"There is no charm equal to the tenderness of heart." - Jane Austen

Hearts, hearts, hearts! They're everywhere you look during this season of love, and I felt inspired to crochet some Heart Granny Squares purely because they make me happy.

Maybe I'll join them together for a dolly blanket for Iris or I'll keep going and make a sweet throw - sometimes you just have to go with what you feel inspired to create and decide on the project later.

Hearts don't have to be only pink or red, so I'm using every shade in the yarn stash and I love how delicate and pretty they are.

These Heart Granny Squares are quick and easy to crochet, and the little heart is the cutest thing ever. 

I used the tutorial that was featured on I Love Crochet. There's a link to a YouTube tutorial only and it's not in English but if you're familiar with a granny square, you'll be able to see the colour change process and start crocheting your own squares.

Traditional granny squares are fun to work on because they're portable, quick to crochet and you don't need to think too much - it's simply clusters of DC's and chains!

When choosing a heart granny square pattern to crochet you're not limited to the traditional pattern, there are so many variations to try.

I've collected eight Heart Granny Square patterns to share with you and you can follow the links to the free patterns. 

Have fun choosing a heart square to crochet. Some are quick and easy and others a little more elaborate and decorative:

I hope you enjoy these free heart granny square patterns. They can be crocheted at any time of the year, and I think you'll find them versatile for a range of fun projects.

I have nine of these Heart Granny Squares crocheted and I think I'll keep going and see where this project takes me. It's quite relaxed to sit back, watch a rom-com and crochet a few of these.

Has this season of love inspired you to crochet something from the heart? I'd love to know!


Happy crocheting :)

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