Calendar Girls - Jean (Block 7)

Do you want to sew the blocks from my free 2023 Calendar?  Come and meet the Calendar Girls and join me in a very, very casual sew along!

Morning lovely!

Welcome to Block Seven of my Calendar Girls sew along! Every second Wednesday I'm releasing one block pattern from my Free 2023 Calendar for you to sew in any project you desire!

This week's block share's a name with a woman very special to my husband and our family, and she was the probably the wisest and most serious of our Calendar Girls. ;)

Let me introduce you to Jean!

Our seventh block is the demure and earnest Jean.

She is a foundation paper pieced block, and she's a very quick block to piece!

Jean is the eldest of her three sisters and she's the mortar that holds everything together. She's quiet and reserved, and she's the one to go to when things get tough. Her wisdom is a treasure, and she doesn't tolerate wasting time on silliness or frivolous things. She loves playing cards, loves the colour red and protects her sisters above all else. She's the rock in everyone's lives and you're welcome to call in for tea day or night and talk about what's on your mind without judgement or interruption.

Jean was my husband's aunt and the eldest sister of Evelyn and Amy.

My goal was to make these block patterns as easy as possible for you, so Jean is constructed using the quick and accurate foundation paper piecing method. In multiples, this block creates a gorgeous pattern (as seen in the 2023 Calendar), so it's versatile and fun!

You'll require three pretty prints and a background fabric to complete your block and I had so much fun choosing fabrics for this one. It looks fantastic in any combination, so get creative.

A colouring sheet is included in the free PDF pattern, so you can play around with combinations prior to sewing.

The free PDF pattern includes full sized templates and assembly instructions and diagrams for four sizes of the Jean block - 6", 8", 10" & 12".  It's up to you how many you sew or how you use them - you have two weeks until the release of the next block, so sew lots!

Just mentioning again, there are no fabric requirements included in the pattern.

Knowledge of foundation paper piecing is a must, and the FPP templates are full sized for each of the block sizes, so you can print and sew without any fuss.

If you need help with FPP, you can find my tutorials here:

You can always email me with any questions or concerns you may have with FPP - I'll help if I can!

Everything you need to make your own Jean block is in the free pattern and to download and print your copy, simply click the link:

Have fun sewing this block! Auntie Jean was an absolute treasure, and I was blessed to have her in my life as well for many years.  She wouldn't have liked the fuss and attention of being one of my Calendar Girls, but she would have been honoured to be included.

The next block in the series is the hard working and forever young Ellen!

I can't wait to introduce you to Ellen on Wednesday 7th of June. She's a lovely block to sew and she shares her name with my husband's grandmother!

Have fun sewing Jean lovely! I can't wait to see what you create with these Calendar Girl Blocks.



Happy quilting :)

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