Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Afternoon Tea Anyone???

Maddi (DD) and i had a cooking day today, which was great!!! We made chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon muffins, so u can guess the aromas in the house were delicious. We couldnt resist setting up this decadent afternoon tea, complete with coffee (for me, the coffee addict!!) and the last remaining flowers in our garden.
We also made some sausage rolls............a family favourite, the smells r still lingering:
We had a very carefree and laidback kinda day, doing what we wanted, when we wanted. I didnt nag the kids about spending too much time in front of the television or the computer and they didnt nag me about spending too much time in front of the sewing machine lol....so as an update the UFO challenge is coming along really well, im happy with it, and Maddi loves it.......... for the record....im hand quilting!!! should be able to post finished product tommorrow.
To make the day perfect DH came home early and we all had the chance to share the highlights of our day (and the yummy cooking). U really have to savour those days u spend together as a family unit.........they r precious!!

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