Cushion #3

Well another cushion bites the dust today........heres cushion #3. This one reminds me of the days when the girls and i would meet once a week and "catch up", chat and craft, all while nursing babies and toddlers. We spent a lot of great days, totally relaxed and eating far toooooo much. Nowdays the babies have grown and the mothers have gone back to work or school or both and the times we get together r few and far between. But its great to have made such wonderful friendships, knowing that if we need advice or just a chat there is always someone happy to recieve a phone call or email from u.
Im really starting to tire of these cushions .......glad ive only got one left to go!!!! I got my Library Bag finished today (cant post a pic though cause im sending it to a magazine in the hopes they will publish it) was a huge sewing day for me today (lucky me!!!!) but the fun ends tommorrow as im back at work after a weeks holiday.........oh well, ill still squeeze in as much stitching as i can when im not working...........happy quilting!!!!

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  1. Another nice the embroidery..


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