Cushion #4

Well finally all 4 cushions r quilted and put together.........which is great news for me, another UFO completed and now i have these beautiful cushions BUT still no new lounge suite. I rang the furniture shop yesterday and they r "hopeful" it will arrive next week. It was ordered in the last week of November and i understand that the xmas period makes delieveries difficult, but im a little annoyed that it has taken so long to get here(its coming from Queensland)...........anyway when it does, these cushions will have a new home.
I was at a bit of a crossroad this afternoon when i finished this one...........what to start next???.....i just needed something to tide me over until i could tackle the next UFO on my list, so i have started another new quilt (thats me, when i get overwhelmed i start something even bigger lol).............this one has stitchery blocks in a garden theme, put together with lots of patchwork and i tiny bit of applique...........cant promise ill complete it this year but it will be a great "fill in" project, for those quiet nites with family or when i find those extra spare moments i desperatley need each day..........ill keep u posted with my progress.

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