A Day at the Park.

Maddi had her best friend over for the day, so we took advantage of the great weather, packed a BBQ lunch and headed off for the park. There were a few people around, riding their bikes or walking their dogs or BBQ'ing like us, but it was quite peaceful and very relaxing. While i cooked the sausages, the kids played in the park:
Then we all had some lunch (even DH came down in his lunch hour for a "snag" and a drink, which was great!!!). Then the kids went back and played for another hour or so while i sat in the cool breeze and stitched;
Never leave home without something to stitch lol..........When they were totally exhausted, we packed up and headed home for some lazy afternoon activities. The paint box was brought out and the kids created quite a few colourful masterpieces (Cohen even repainted his t-shirt lol);
While the paintings were drying, the board games came out and the three of them played until dinner. It was great to see them all entertained without the use of technology. Sometimes i worry that the kids use the computer too much or the video games, but its days like today that make me realise they can also entertain themselves the old fashioned way (or the way i used to when i was a child).
My UFO is complete, will post picture tommorrow.....im really happy with it and now it has a home with DD. The next one on my list is a bigger task but one im eager to start (cept i got to work the tomm and the weekend grrrr). Furniture shop says lounge suite is arriving tommorrow........wooohoooo!!!
Hope u had a great day too

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