Fresh Produce.

Fresh from the backyard:To steaming hot and delicious:

How great is it to go out into the backyard and pick some fruit, take them into the kitchen and create a yummy dessert......this is what the kids and i did today. We have a relatively small apple tree (it will grow, hopefully) that has blessed us with an abundance of juicy fruit for the last few years. So today we had some fun, picking, peeling, slicing and stewing and our efforts were rewarded with this delicious apple crumble. Now we r not really a dessert kinda family, so when we do indulge, we make the most of it.
Now dont u just love this tray??? it was a wedding present given to my grandparents a very long time ago and it was given to me by my grandfather a few years before his passing. It was handmade by a gentleman in Queensland (his name and address is written on the back) and it came in this gorgeous wooden box (which is now my DD's art box). My grandparents never used it, and i suppose i should have kept with that tradition, but i love it and use it often!!
Today really didnt go to plan..........i had expected to work all day on Threadbare Creations, but i ended up having a lovely 1 1/2 hr phone conversation with my sister and we organised a couple of great family days before the school holidays end........cant wait for them!!! then we did the apple crumble and then i spent an hour on the phone with my mum, just chatting and catching up, which was really nice..........i dont get much of a chance to catch up with either my sis or my mum, so it was wonderful.
Hope ur day was great!!!

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