Garden Block #3

Today was a day for completing a few loose ends and starting some new projects. Here is the third garden block titled "Annual Garden Show". This one is cute, three lovely ladies off to the show, pots in hand....priceless!!!.......and dont u just love that floral fabric?? its what ill be using for the backing of the "strolling the block quilt"..........speaking of, construction for this quilt is well under way and im really happy with its progress and the way it looks. Ive had a careful think about how i want to tackle the machine quilting and as soon as it is ready, ill get that walking foot out of the box and start practising.
So with my stitchery complete, i got the next two ready for stitching and then i set to work on these illusive instructions for the Library happy to report they r complete, along with an introduction letter and a mini profile/resume about me and they have been posted to the magazine. Now all i can do is wait and see whether or not they like the pattern and want to publish it (secretly i feel ill with anticipation.......oh dear!!!).
So with that large project out of the way (and out of my hands ekkk) i started designing my next pattern for Threadbare Creations. Its still in the very very early stages but i can see it forming the picture i see in my mind. It needs a lot of fine tuning (the perfectionist i am) and i must dedicate this one to my DH......originally it was his idea (and a great one at that), im just drawing and stitching it.
And then just to make my day complete, we have been tossing around a few ideas for my own home office/sewing we extend, do we transform what we have or do i continue to sew and design at the dining room table???? There is a room, just off my DH's workshop, where he was building a model railway.........his passion for modelling has dissipated, so the supportive man that he is, he has given his space up for me!! (im sure i nagged him enough lol just kidding lol) now this room is also the home of all my gym equipment and under the tables he has set up lives a lot of junk that wont fit in the we have a new task..........we have to gut the room, completley!!..........but in my mind, i workspace!!
Happy quilting,

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  1. I love the stitch block of the 3 ladies! Do you use a set pattern for this or is it free-hand? You do very nice work.

    By the way, I found you via 4:53's blog.


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